The Unified Field: SONIC BLOOM pre-party w/ Alex & Allyson Grey 4.27& 4.28 @ Cervantes

 The Unified Field ~ A SONIC BLOOM pre-party feat. Alex & Allyson Grey ~ April 27 & 28, 2012

Presentations By Alex & Allyson Grey – 8pm SHARP
+ art signing, art gallery and live painting by both artists
Check out the Alex Grey Online Store—>


Presentation on the unified field &  sacred geometry with Alex & Allyson Grey & Jamie Janover Sat. night – 8pm SHARP

~Live visuals by Jonathan Singer~

~Live painting & art gallery display by Martina Hoffmann~

Poster Drive by Conscious Alliance
$10 special limited edition show posters – help feed the hungry—>

~ Friday ~
Griz, David Starfire, Brothers Past, Janover, Russ Liquid, The Floozies, Ill Mannered, Coult45 and UmConscious

~ Saturday ~
Bluetech, Octopus Nebula, Sugarpill, The Malah, Human Agency, Tatanka, Samsonite and Dayquill


• Bluetech

• Octopus Nebula

• Griz

• David Starfire

• Brothers Past

• Janover

• Russ Liquid

• Sugarpill

• The Malah

• The Floozies

• Ill Mannered

• Human Agency

• Tatanka

• Samsonite

• Coult-45

• Dayquil

• UmConscious


• MaQi

• Astral Mechaniks

• Taka Carnes

• Lani Gordon

• Alexandra Nikolova

• Tetra Incendia

• Onamare

• Al Gea

• Michael Cercone

• Jocelyn Rudig

• Holly Conrad

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