Qahira Lynn Dream Painter


Today I am incredibly excited to be posting about one of my favorite new visionary artists!

“Qahira Lynn was born in Portland, Oregon, and never learned how to color inside the lines literally or metaphorically. She attended art school, studied painting in college, and art therapy in graduate school, but  feels that she has spent her time since then attempting to unlearn whatever it was they were trying to teach. Her feeling is that she is self-taught — she believes that she never did catch on to whatever it was she was supposed to catch on to. She lives in a tiny  village on the Oregon coast and makes paintings. She does not call what she does art, and really hasn’t the slightest idea what”art” is — she just does what she does..If she is an artist at all, Qahira Lynn is a visionary spiritual artist, a mystic muralist of the dreamtime.”

Her incredible use of vivid colors, mystical patterns, dreamlike shapes in her paintings make them not only appealing to the eye but also help her to tell a story, or a describe a “dream” to fans and clients alike .  In addition to her absolutely incredible small scale paintings, she has also done a sweet collection of larger murals that can be found around the world in both public domains and private residences. I discovered her after her painting titled “Moksha” which is an Acrylic on Canvas live festival painting was posted onto a friends facebook page.

She describes her VISION as this–>

“A passion for reaching into the essence of what is deeper than words, making pictures of what is beneath the surface, behind the veil, healing what arises from the depths of the world soul, activating the powers of intention, creating magic and revealing transcendence.” “When doing a mural (or any other artwork) for another person  –  especially in their private space – it is my intention to become a conduit for that person’s vision, feeling an essence to come through.  My dream is to travel the world painting murals and creating other art pieces, I have much to learn from other places and cultures.”

My hope is that by sharing her work with the world she continues to travel and make the world a more beautiful place!


Check out her Website –> HERE

Check out and LIKE her on Facebook

Check her out on Society for art of Imagination

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