Ism Art Gallery

Happy Monday THISPICISSICK fans!

Today I’m excited to be sharing about an art gallery owned by a great local Denver painter by the name of Craig Thomas. Ism art gallery is located just a few doors down from the Bluebird at 3229 E. Colfax Avenue. Because of both its’ excellent location and delectable contents it’s quickly become one of my favorite gallery’s in Denver!  This Thursday the 20th I will be celebrating my 20th Birthday so last Saturday I splurged on  my 2nd piece of art by Craig Thomas. When I asked him about the piece he said he had started it early in early January of this year and had worked on it over 4 to 5 days.  I love the painting because of the many vivid colors and details it incorporates. In many ways it’s warm and cool color mixture reminds me of changing colors that occur in nature during each of  the seasons of the year. Like most of Craig’s colorful paintings, it is definitely a piece of artwork to get lost in. And with only 3.5 months left in the year it already feels like a  good representation of the year 2012 to me.




Other art by Craig Thomas-



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