Words cannot really begin to describe how SICK this new SunSquabi shit is Y’all! Love it from the bottom of my heart, just like my deep love for the Lone Star State!

Home has really begun to mean more and more to me each day I’m away from my roots and my rents. The new album is once again PUSHING THE LIMITS of JAMMIN’ GOODNESS with grace & ease. With each album they release they seem to groove together more and more as a band. Each show they play and city they discover teaches them something new about music, culture, and the trials and tribulations of the modern human experience. From my understanding the band’s recent trip to Austin, TX must have gone really well because a passion is revealed in Lone Star that I hadn’t heard before in the Squabs music. Travels to both nearby ( Photo above from the Fox  in Boulder 10.26.2012) & faraway places seems to be bringing to the table a totally new creative identity and soulful smooth style to their music….and I’m really excited to see where they head next! ENVISION YOUR FUTURE SUNSQUABI! ENVISION 2013!<3



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