My new etsy shop: Glassy Mermaid

Hey everyone!

So just to update you… many of you may already know that I recently started learning to blow glass and now have an online store for my pendants! Glassy Mermaid is a concept I have been developing over the last few months and I am finally ready to share it with you all! My hope and vision is that through glass blowing I can earn more income to travel to more faraway places and by a better computer and camera to blog and document MORE SICK PICS! I am lucky enough to have one of the best teachers in the world helping me though ย the beginning stages of my glass blowing career. Jellyfish is showing me day by day how incredible and wild the world of life as a full-time glass artist really is. Steven Tillman (Jellyfish Glass) has been blowing glass in northern Colorado for 9 years. He is a father of two beautiful children and an inspiration to be in business and in life. Steven and I have started Glassy Mermaid together and plan to add more and more to the inventory each week until the shop is fully stocked with the beautiful pendant and one of a kind glass jewelry that you will want to wear and share with the world. Each piece we create is a handcrafted and completely original work of borosilicate glass art.




For custom orders or inquires please contact

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