Real Talk with the (unofficial) Envision Festival Ambassador, Brie.

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If you want see art being created before your eyes… if you want to watch a very gifted dancer move to the music you love most… while being just a few sandy steps away from the beach… in the middle of the jungle… then this place is for you.

Kora had the chance to catch up with two-time Envision Festival attendee Brie Laboucane. After speaking with her I think it’s safe to say that Envision is an absolute MUST-attend festival of 2015. When asked about her Envision experience, here’s what she had to say about:


The Envision Community:

The community at Envision is so supportive, so loving, and so nurturing, you won’t find any false friends or any superficiality. You’re invited to meet on common ground based on something you really believe in… a lifestyle, a way, a wonder, a wanderlust. It’s a very real, authentic, compassionate and exciting place…

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