Random Rab in Colorado this weekend!


Tonight kicks of a three night run of Random Rab in Denver! The Arise Music Festival family presents Random Rab in Denver this Saturday @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom! Join us for a wonderful FULL MOON WITH TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE evening of music and magic in the mile high city and make sure to stop by the Arise table to sign up to win free tickets to Arise 2015!

Love the art for this poster and the message from Random Rab post via is Facebook page yesterday:

“There’s nothing like performing in Colorado. Saqi and I are honored to take the stage and celebrate with our high altitude family.

I was recently encouraged to let people know a little bit about my new stage setup. I am currently controlling the sound, projections, and lighting all from the stage.

I have a DMX integrated Ableton set and am controlling 18 large hand made incandescent bulbs. I feel that the quality of light that comes from incandescent filaments is warmer and more welcoming than LEDs. It fills the eyes with photons and is the type of light you can actually feel on your skin.

I am also controlling projection live from the stage with Resolume. The content is a mix of pieces created by Android Jones, Abandon Building, Ivan Landau, Peter Phillip, NASA, and many other generous artists who gave me beautiful clips to play with. I’m not sure I’ll be able to set up the entire 3 projector rig at Hodi’s because of the stage size, but definitely will be bringing it all out to Boulder and Denver.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Darrah Ananda who gerously contributed the art for this flyer. Her work is hand made without computers with collage and mixed media. She’s incredibly talented and is about to release a bunch of new pieces for all of us to enjoy. Check out her work at: https://www.facebook.com/foundfables

See you soon Colorado! We love you.” – Random Rab

Check out and join the event pages for the THREE COLORADO DATES HERE:

4/2/15 in Fort Collins @ Hodi’s Half Note

4/3/15 in Boulder @ The Fox Theatre 

4/4/15 in DENVER @ Cervantes Masterpiece ~ PRESENTED BY ARISE MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Preview music by Random Rab & Saqi here: