Week 1 – Notes from Class: Herbal Healing with Brigitte Mars

Excited to share today that I have been asked by my good friend and lifelong herbalist Brigitte Mars to attend her 10 week Herbal Healing Class in Boulder, CO! The class meets on Wednesday nights and yesterday was our first meeting of ten.

It is important to note that my passion for learning more about flowers, plants, and healing herbs was ignited early in my life inspired by several people: my mother, a longtime lover of gardening and all things purple/green and ALIVE. My friend Lauren Shultz  who truly is an inspired clinical herbalist and healing wonder woman. Lauren owns a wonderful company called Medicina Pachamama that sells flower and gem essences, teas, tinctures, and many other beautiful ritual remedies sourced ethically from around the world. AND of course Brigitte Mars who appeared to be “glowing rainbow” the first time I ever laid eyes on her at the very first annual ARISE Music Festival in August 2013. Brigitte’s wealth of knowledge comes from a lifetime of herb education started early by her grandmother. She described her grandmother as a woman who “made everything scratch” including soaps, medicines, and all other household necessities. Last night she told us she was kicked out of an all girls boarding school for hosting an herbal healing clinic out of her dorm room open to the other students. The boarding school has since awarded her a diploma (at age 60 LOL!) seeing as she is now a published author of several books and her writing and work has been featured in some MAJOR publications such as Huffington Post.

You may find yourself asking – WHY AM I BLOGGING NOTES I ALREADY TOOK FROM CLASS? The answer is that as much as I love a good notebook to take class notes in – this is the 21st Century! The archive search functions available through wordpress make the benefits of blogging SOME of my handwritten notes from class here worth the time it will take me to post them each week. So BOOM! NEW MANIFESTATION MEDIA BLOG CATEGORY ACTIVATED = HERBAL LOVE ❤


The below plants were noted on our 1st HERB WALK in BOULDER, CO.



Uses: Cough Suppressant / Sore Throat (bitter herb)

Preparation: Usually herb is dried.

Tea’s, Throat drops, capsules, Tinctures



Comes from greek name Artemis “MOON”

Uses: Bug Repellent, Used to prevent contraction of Miliaria

Preparation: Usually herb is dried and capsules of dried plant are taken before heading to a place known for Miliaria.


<<< ALFALFA >>>

Purple Flowers (3 leaves) are edible

Uses: Wonderful for farmers as it adds nitrogen to soil. Go for bees, teas (high in minerals), Chlorophyll, Freshens breath, digestive enzymes, FOOD.

Preparation: Teas, flowers- eat raw, SEEDS good for times of famine 1LB of seeds = 16 LBS of prepared food.



Uses: Extends the shelf-life of coffee, roasted and then used in Louisiana style coffee to get that “southern taste”.

Preparation: Roasted and added to coffee

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

<<< LEMON BALM >>>

Uses: good for bees, anti depressant

Preparation: Tea



Uses: Induces Labor (not to be taken by pregnant women), Hot Flashes, Normalizes blood pressure, grief, healing broken heart.

Preparation: Tea



Ancestor “Wild Carrot”

Uses: Contraceptive

Preparation: 1 teaspoon of ripe seed mixed with tea taken for 5 days straight to prevent fertilization of egg.



In Iceland they believe that fairy spirits live in these trees. Trees are protected from cut downs. This is where the phrase “knock on wood” comes from. It is said it is better luck to “knock on wood” before taking a berry of the tree to ward off any residing spirits.

Edible berries are BLUE. Do not eat the RED elderberry. Bark and leaves ARE POISONOUS.

Uses: Treat cold and flu

Preparation: 1 teaspoon of ripe seed mixed with tea taken for 5 days straight to prevent fertilization of egg.


<<< OREGANO >>>

Uses: Lung and Cough

Preparation: Tea, Oils, soups, foods.

<<< Thyme >>>

Uses: Lawn Covering, AntiMicrobial

Preparation: Tea, soups, food.



Uses: Getting “stung” helps treat area for Arthritis, high in Iron, good for allergies, Compost accelerating agent

Preparation: Blender full of plant + 1 Apple + Water. Strain & drink juice!


<<< HOLLY HAWK >>>

Edible Flower

Uses: Breathing disorders, digestive track

Preparation: Tea


<<< PINE TREE >>>

Uses: In survival situation you could chew on the needles and spit out pulp for nutrients. Yellow pollen collect and make into Testosterone boosting aid.

Preparation: Inner bark could be sliced thin and eaten


<<< MALVA >>>

Edible flower and relative of the HollyHock

Uses: Contraceptive

Preparation: 1 teaspoon of ripe seed mixed with tea taken for 5 days straight to prevent fertilization of egg.


1 Heaping Teaspoon full of dry herbs = 1 cup

2 Heaping Teaspoons full of fresh herbs = 1 cup


1 cup of tea = 1 dropperful


* Chronic Ailment (Acne, Eczema) = 3x daily

* Acute (Bladder Infection) = Dropperful every few hours while awake


  1. What is RIGHT HERE?
  2. What Grows around you?
  3. What is this (ailment) trying to tell me?
  4. What was going on in my life when this started?
  5. Embrace illness as an opportunity to learn. How can this be your ally?
  6. What does this prevent me from having to do?
  7. What are the energetics of emotional components?
    1. FOOD 1st
    2. Vitamins
    3. Drugs
    4. Surgery


*** Do not wash grapes or apples before consuming – the “dust” on the outside of the plant is a health substance called MSM ***

Save the silks from corn – Make tea as it helps with bladder inflammation

Apple Seeds – Small ammount = GOOD!

Broccoli Sprouts = ANTI CANCER

ISCADOR – Cancer treatment coming from multiple types of mistletoe

History person of week: Hildegard of Bengen


M: Quest for Fire  

B: Nicholas Culpepper’s

TV: The Brother Cadfael