Bless The Waters (Fundraiser) – BRAND NEW TRACK by Amani Friend with vocals by Black Fox & John Ball Running Eagle


Very excited to share a new musical prayer that is very speical and close to my mermaid heart this morning. New Liquid Bloom track: “Bless the Waters” is a music fundraiser for the Standing Rock Water Protectors.

“The brand new track ‘Bless the Waters’ was produced by Amani Friend and imbued with a Native American prayer written by my good friend John Ball Running Eagle of the Sioux Nation and a Native American song dedicated to the ‘Holy Water’ written and sung by Black Fox. John Ball was also a student of Dr. Masaru Emote from Japan, whose research revealed that water holds intelligence and memory. Following a path blazed by previous Liquid Bloom releases, this music flows as an intentional journey that can be used daily to energize and re-structure water you consume, and to send out your daily gratitude to the liquid lifeblood that creates and sustains life on this planet.

100% of the money generated from the sale of this music will be donated to the Standing Rock water protectors of the Sioux Nation, and to The Water Project charity, which builds wells around the world for those in need of clean drinking water. Thank you for your support.” – Quoted from recent Facebook post about the track

Click this link to support & download >>>

After you download…”As Above, So Below.” Here’s something YOU can do if you can’t be at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota in person. Play this song TO the water you plan on drinking. It will energize and align the water with the frequencies of Gratitude, Love, and Truth. When you consume the water, it will align with the water already in your body and entrain the water in you to frequencies of Gratitude, Love, and Truth. As you give your water back to Creation, your water will similarly align and entrain the waters throughout the World to Gratitude, Love, and Truth. This will help us find a good solution Honoring ALL consumers of water as “We Are All Related.” – John Ball Running Eagle

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