First Day of Fall 2016 – Flower Fairy Crown Shoot

Photos by: Tammy Moore

This year for my 24th Birthday I had an amazing jeweled crown made by my good friend Addie Pitre. The stunning finished work of art is titled “Follow Your Path”! This gorgeous piece of blessed intentional wear has a third eye stone of Labradorite and it has both Lapis and Moonstone accents. The many sacred feathers attached have all come to me over the last 6 months each one holding incredible power. The experience of wearing this piece for the first time today was overwhelmingly special. Many thanks to my beautiful friend Tammy Moore for taking these amazing photos of me this weekend at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO! Much love and best wishes to all of my amazing friends and family for a beautiful fall 2016 full of love, inspiration, and magic!! Make sure to take a peek at the list of wearable fashion elements below with links to each of the designers online stores and social sites included.

Jeweled Crown by Flower Fairy Designs ///
Blue Chakra Top by  UMBA, Creative Co-Op ///
White Fairy Blouse: francesca’s ///
Belt: Radwear Pocket Belts ///
Photos by: Tammy Moore