Standing Rock is a family emergency. Don’t miss your appointment to help support LIFE ON EARTH. WE ARE WATER.

So far this morning the only thing I have successfully accomplished is to scroll through Facebook to see more postings on #NODAPL and pour myself a cup of delicious OZO coffee just in time for my client to to cancel our 10am appointment for a family emergency.

Nothing dire or newsworthy really, but it is amazing to think back on how many different missed appointments I have had to awkwardly endure over the last 24 years of my life. Truth is, most of these missed appointments have been NBD (it’s no big deal!). Nobody is going to die because there is a week delay on a marketing campaign for a jewelry line. However, some of my own missed appointments have been slightly more dramatic and noteworthy; Like the time I missed the last flight of the day to Maui because I lost track of time talking music and selling glassy mermaid pendants to a man I met at the airport bar in LA. A memorable experience, but it seems silly to care about when looking at the major local and global societal events of the last year. Keeping clear sense of perspective is key. 

In many ways, the last month of my life has felt like a missed appointment. While I feel the call to stand with my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, I have important duties that require me to stay in Colorado right now. 

I believe missed appointments are life’s way reminding us to occasionally ask ourselves the question – WHAT IF? The BIGGER the missed appointment the greater the WHAT IF? What if that missed appointment had not happened? May history have been forever changed? 


Standing Rock is a family emergency. Don’t miss your appointment to help support LIFE ON EARTH. WE ARE WATER.

HEY COLORADO,  IT’S TIME TO SHOW UP AND HELP CHANGE HISTORY FOR THE BETTER!  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY ATTENDING THIS EVENT >>> We Are Water: Standing Rock Benefit Concert <<< The show is coming up Saturday December 10, 2016 at  Colorado’s Hottest new venue The Scarlet

EVENT DETAILS BELOW from OHMazing EVENT ORGANIZERSFeyline7 Healing Stars Oneness CenterColorado ConcertsThe Mile High Sound MovementLumonics Light & Sound GalleryNocturne EntertainmentPotent ProductionsMindbeam Productions, and We Are Change Colorado!

A silent auction and benefit concert for the people of Standing Rock December 10th at The Scarlet in Central City, CO. Our goal is to raise money and awareness for our brothers and sisters standing peacefully in opposition of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through these indigenous lands. As winter quickly approaches, these native people and other civilians who have put life on hold to join the fight, will be faced with freezing temperatures and dwindling supplies. We are calling all greathearted citizens to come together at The Scarlet for this fundraising event. Proceeds will go directly to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, a camp dedicated to protecting the land and water against the DAPL, and will be used to buy supplies to winterize and stock the campsite.

EVENT DATE: Saturday Dec 10th
TIME: 11AM-1AM (dec 11th)

LOCATION: Show Map /// The Scarlet – 131 Main Street, Central City, Colorado 80427
BUY TIX >>> <<<


Artist Lineup: Lucid VisionHomemade SpaceshipKlassickLYFTDKundalinians Andy Babb and the Big Beautiful BandLowPro., We Are No Radio, Hannah Samano, 2B TkettleFiYahFans of Gus, Jaster MusicPHloEthikHabitual FlowThe OrcastratorR-DooMiss JaedhaNamastay In Your BrainJeffrey Pena, and Judo Chop!

Yoga with Madelyn Cecily

Supported By: Feyline, 7 Healing Stars Oneness Center, Colorado Concerts, The Mile High Sound Movement, Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, Nocturne Entertainment, Potent Productions, Mindbeam Productions, and We Are Change Colorado!

Donations & Collection Bins: We plan to have collection bins on site. In addition to placing bids in the silent auction, here are some suggested items to be donated: Firewood, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Winter Hats, Gloves, Jackets, Boots, Propane, Bulk Food Supplies, Hand Warmers, Socks, Disposable Personal Hygiene Items

For more information on the protest, the pipeline, and the camp that our collected donations will be going to you can visit this website: Please feel free to share with us any ideas and resources that can help make this event a huge success and provide the Standing Rock Water Protectors with the supplies they need to outlast the winter in North Dakota.


See flier below for more information on how to get involved: 



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