Happy Hump Day! I am back in action after a blissful 2-week computer screen free trip to the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica and could not be more stoked to share with you all my fave art, photos, and magic moments from the trip. This week’s ARTIST OF THE WEEK is David Artavia whom I discovered while traveling in Costa Rica. David Artavia’s work was displayed outside a surf shop I passed walking the streets of surfer capital – Jacó. I was immediately intrigued when I saw his gorgeous surreal/visionary style and was inspired by these images as well as many of the other colorful and original Costa Rican creations on display. Below are the two paintings that were on display with descriptions included from David’s website. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! #PuraVida #CostaRica #DavidArtavia #Jacó

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BELOW: El Gran Maestro


“When I was a kid I looked at the sea, skys, and landscapes and imagined–as if by magic–God was doing a big painting for everyone to see. He would be changing the colors and shapes with a huge artist brush. So one day I finally got the inspiration to create and put together my vision and ideas on a canvas. I will always be inspired by the Gran Maestro and His wonderful creation.” – David Artavia

BELOW: Nuveo Mundo


“This painting is dedicated to all those who dream of a world of peace and harmony; a magical world where all dreams come true.”– David Artavia