Manifestation Media’s SHOW OF THE WEEK: Tonight! The Orcastrator w/ Guests at The Bluebird Theater in Denver + Throwback Personal Story & Underground Video Feature


Manifestation Media‘s #SHOWoftheweek is TONIGHT with The Orcastrator & friends!!! Tickets are available online at and at the door.

Here is my Thursday Throwback to last January for #xtractgames in #Aspen! I dug this one up from the iphone archive and shared on Instagram today because these two, The Orcastrator & Alex Bowman,  have a BIG SHOW tonight at The Bluebird Theater!

They have been doing absolutely amazing things since I took this video and I am excited to watch them continue to grow in competitive yet nurturing Colorado music scene.



Here is a little story for you: I took a HUGE RISK in my business and got involved with a few people I hardly knew to “orchestrate” a private house party for the Cannabis Connoisseurs Collation a group of Colorado weed and hash experts that throw private events all over the state. I was mostly interested in their event because I had purchased a ticket to #Bassnectar at the #XgamesAspen the same weekend.

I had the money when the tickets went on sale & because I am a music lover and I had never been to Aspen I decided this might be a good time to check it out. I purchased a ticket the day they went on sale and decided I would figure out the travel details later. I had no idea how hard it would be to get a great place to stay in Aspen during this big local event.

THE LESSON: Producing this event taught me so much, but the key to my survival & ultimate success was to go with the FLOW! 🐳😎🍍 

Things did not go anything close to as planned from the get-go which made it hard for me to relax,  but the good vibes from the people around me and positive feedback I received from most lead me to feel like it was a success. I got to meet some amazing people in the community and score this OG underground (literally we are in a basement) footage of some of Colorado’s most uprising talent . AND, as DEVINE timing had it the money I made working and producing this event helped me finally get my passport & purchase a ticket to #costarica🇨🇷 the sacred place of my ancestors.

ROOT DOWN in the KNOWING that all is FLOWING to you. Hope to see you at the show tonight!  🐳🐳




Happy Thursday! -Brielle Bataille

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