EVENT SPOTLIGHT & TICKET GIVEAWAY: Purple Couch All Stars ft. Gladkill, PRSN, Cualli, & more 11/30 at The Black Box in Denver!

The only thing constant in life is CHANGE. Sometimes change comes easily and sometimes it comes in a series of somewhat challenging transformations that are presented in our lives in order to help us GROW. We are faced with choices every day that ask us to take risks that sometimes have unpredictable outcomes. My mom told me when I was young, “If you get invited to a party and have no reason not to go then GO. Because you never know who you might meet or what that might lead too”.

I was invited to some of Jason Burruss’s private gatherings at his old home in Evergreen, CO and although I did not know Jason well before, I am really thankful that I had the courage to attend these parties anyway. I was nervous about going to a party where I didn’t know the main host at first (I was invited by a mutual friend), but I did end up knowing some of the people at these events and the people I didn’t know and ended up meeting there, Jason Burrus included, without a doubt CHANGED MY LIFE. Brought together by FATE & PURPLE CRYSTAL MAGIC, the relationships I developed and the influence of the people I met at the very first “Purple Couch” parties helped me recognize the CHANGES I needed to make in myself to live my DREAMS and jumpstart my career. For this, I would like to say today that I am humbled and SO GRATEFUL

It has been beautiful to watch both The Black Box and the Purple Couch crew evolve and blossom into what they are now. The level of professionalism and light & sound production value these crews bring to everything they do is really special and something to experience for yourself. I invite you to come join me in experiencing the next chapter of Purple Couch Denver events. A dual room Purple Couch curated bass music event at  The Black Box coming up Nov 30th. Details & a chance to win FREE TICKETS to the show below!



~ Main Stage ~

Purple Couch All Stars (Denver and Humboldt)
Premiere live performance featuring
Dillard (Fx & Keys) (https://soundcloud.com/dillard) 
Av8trix (Live Mix) (https://soundcloud.com/lokiav8trix)
Cualli (Guitar) (https://soundcloud.com/cualli)
Precious Hill (Vocals) (https://soundcloud.com/precious-hill-1)
Erothyme (Keys & Vocals) (https://soundcloud.com/erothyme)
Jason Burruss (Percussion & Mashups) (https://soundcloud.com/jason-burruss)

Gladkill (Oakland)

PRSN (Portland)


Droplitz Art & Music (Denver)

~ Lounge Stage ~

Antandra (Denver)

Cualli (Denver)

Erothyme (Denver)

Stay tuned to our announcements of the next Purple Couch x Black Box shows:

Set Times:

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Sponsored by Grassroots Colorado & Manifestation Media

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