Less than a month until ALOHA Kauai Yoga & Peace Festival! The sacred journey of turning 26 and becoming a Digital Nomad with deep roots in Colorado.

Life is a great mystery. And we are here to #explore it.
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Feeling joy today as I feel the desire to write again. A deep need to express my gratitude  for what is and let go of what was with a few words on this misty Monday deep in the mountains of Boulder, CO.

What is? Well at this very moment I am excited to announce that just 25 days from today I will head to the island of Kauai for the 1st annual ALOHA Yoga & Peace Festival! I have booked my flight to the island and preparations are being made for my arrival. YAY! I have been planning this trip for some time and I am so proud to have taken the next step to going on this sacred journey. I turn 26 on September 20th and this is how I am celebrating.

What was? On February 6, 2016 I had a powerful and profoundly transformational experience. I lost my beautiful mountain home and 99% of my belongings to a house fire that consumed the entire space I was living in. It was extremely painful to watch the life I knew go up in flames right before my very eyes. It was even more difficult to rebuild my life and try to “replace” years of treasured memories and  belongings while coping with intense PTSD and a severe lack of funding needed for basic survival. What does any of this have to do with Kauai you might be wondering?

Initially, when I was severely depressed and faced with the harsh reality of needing to rebuild my life, my heart called me to explore the idea of moving to Hawaii. Shortly after I had begun my research on moving to Hawaii several MIRACLES happened in 2016 that begged me to STAY IN COLORADO.

1. I started a GoFundMe and was able to raise $3600+ by reaching out to my family, friends, and local Colorado community. This experience humbled me in a major way. It left me feeling supported by my community and endeared me to the scene. It left me feeling loved and cared for. How could I run from the people that helped me rebuild my life?

2. I found an amazing home in Boulder with two of the most beautiful people on the planet – Taylor & Rob (the Rainbow Lightning Children’s Village Family!). I have since moved on from this space but it was absolutely a launch paid of positivity for my life.

3. I met one of my best friends on the planet, Evan. Having a best friend that knows what you are thinking is a magical journey. Meaningful relationships that feature FLOW & EASE are something that should be treasured dearly. I love you Evan!

4. I got a new job working for SONIC BLOOM Festival! Having a new creative project to focus on really helped me heal from the loss of my “old life”. This new and exciting work opportunity helped me channel my inner fire to build something that I am really proud to say I helped contribute to now.

So my dear friends, this is a note of gratitude and a declaration that I AM NOT RUNNING AWAY. I am running to an adventure that my heart has been calling me toward for over 2 years. Colorado will always be my home. Colorado is where my heart is.

I have been in deep planning mode with the ALOHA event production team for a few months now. I have acted as the primary digital marketing strategist for the ALOHA festival this year. The role has involved my volunteering my time as a Marketing Consultant in exchange for a sponsorship position of the event.

The last 6 months I have been volunteering countless hours for ALOHA, juggling several other new major clients, exhausting 14+ hr travel days, week/weekend long productions, and managing an online event promo presence for some of Colorado’s best promoters.

Whats even more wild? Since July 9th I have been living out of a suitcase testing the waters of this new paradigm work concept many are calling the “Digital Nomad”  lifestyle. Jumping off the cliff of security and into a life of constant “adventure” has been a wild ride so far. Frankly, moving 11 times in 7 years of living in Colorado (2011-2018) was EVEN WILDER. This is where I admit that while I love Colorado, I am feeling called to really ride a new wave of new adventure. One that involves more work inspired travel to magical remote places at the farther corners of the globe.

Most of my AMAZING clients have surprised me with incredible support of this new direction I am sailing in for the time being. Dissolving my original fears of “what people might think” when I explained to them that I would be “working from the road” this summer.

Another exciting announcement I need to make is that Manifestation Media will be expanding to include multiple authors after this blog post. My new assistant Feather Hottovy and I have been teaming up and have lots of new giveaways and exciting announcements planned for fall 2018 and beyond!

With a little help from my friends, a dash of newly discovered freedom, and a whole lotta PEACE & LOVE I am allowing and manifesting one of my biggest dreams of helping to produce a Yoga event in Hawaii….LET THE MAGIC UNFOLD!


Aloha, Mahalo, & Namaste to each of you today and always!

Connect with ALOHA social media accounts and click the links below to see my work and check out more info about this amazing non-profit beach-side community event in Kauai September 27, 28, & 29!

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