Living my ALOHA Kauai LOVE story in Venice Beach, CA + Join us for the 2nd ALOHA Festival just 19 days away!

A year ago today my life was completely different. 

I was living in Colorado and had just gotten back from San Diego,CA where I had been for a family beach trip. I remember looking out at the ocean and feeling so much gratitude to be in California at the beach. My happy place. My sacred place. I remember saying to myself a million times over the course of my life that “I would love to live near the beach in California” but always talked myself out of it for one reason or another. After 8 years, I was “stuck” living in the “safety zone” that Colorado had become for me.

After that magical day in San Diego my travels continued. My work was focused on one major client and I was volunteering most of my free time and to help with the first ever ALOHA Kauai YOGA & PEACE Festival. I remember when I took the job working for Aloha in April of 2018. While I graciously and gratefully accepted $250 to build the website, I honestly had no clue how I was going to make the trip to Kauai happen. The ALOHA festival is a non-profit community start-up and I accepted the position as a passion project with no plans or expectations that it would become a source of my income. My heart was calling me to Kauai and I felt that I was just supposed to go on this trip no matter what.

I surrendered. I let my passion for yoga, writing, and digital design guide me along my path. Despite a major heartbreak/break-up & temporary “couch surfing” homelessness,  I kept going. I followed my intuition. This lead me to begin a monthly vision plan journal writing practice I started in July of 2018.

I followed the flow and in deep surrender to my own faith I allowed the universe to lead me gracefully to the sacred portal island of Kauai.

There, I met & connected with a magical wizard that I have fallen in love with. He is a man with a SACRED MISSION. He is a QUANTUM HEALER. He helps others to align with the next level dimension of their hearts highest desire. He is a “powerful manifestor”. His passion for his mission is downright sexy.  Three months after that day on the beach in San Diego last August, I moved to Venice Beach, CA to be with him and to help him with his sacred mission of “Harmonizing Humanity” using sound, light, and frequency technology. His name is Dr. Steven Schwartz and his company Bioharmonic Technologies is optimizing the health of the west coast and the world with THE VIBE SYSTEM. To learn more about his company, mission, and THE VIBE SYSTEM take a peek at the website I designed for him –

Moving to California was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Not because it was “easy” & not because I get to live near the beach.
At first, the transition was nothing short of a major challenge for me. Upon moving, I immediately started spending most of my working hours on the “Mayan Heart Festival” which did not go as planned you can read my past blog post on this HERE. I moved away from a community I felt safe and supported by in Colorado to a much larger “City of Angels” where the homeless sleep outside the front gates of multi-million dollar beach “shacks”. On my walk to lunch yesterday on Abbott Kinney I passed two people who looked to be strung out on opiates and falling asleep standing up. Yes, the truth is that this move has been quite the intense transition for me. I have gone through a metamorphosis of intense feelings over the last 323 days since I made the move to Venice Beach, CA – excitement, depression, guilt, loneliness, joy, and at times utter confusion.
Which may lead you to wonder why I am calling this move the best decision I have ever made?
This move has helped me to grow.
It has allowed me to uncover many more of the “mermaid treasures” of my own soul. The parts of myself that were dormant and beneath the surface of my soul. Waiting patiently to be dug up, discovered, honored, loved, cultivated. While I still feel I have many “pieces of the puzzle” left to discover, California has successfully helped me to “rip the labels off” to remove the definitions that I thought made me who I was and has asked me to search for something deeper and more meaningful.
My move to California has asked me to search my soul for who I really am. 
The response the universe has replied with in multiple practices of “Deep Listening” into my own inner compass is that I am a Teacher.
Of what you might ask? Answering that question is the current journey I am on now on the mission of figuring out. I have so many passions, practices, and skills and while I have not perfected any of them at this point in my life, I am humbled at the opportunity to practice teaching something I have been working on over the last year of my life. To share a collection of integrated thoughts, ideas, and to help people with Manifesting their dream realities is something I am incredibly inspired to do.
So now I ask you to JOIN ME IN KAUAI for the second chapter of my Kauai love story.
The chapter where I go through the metamorphosis of the humble student to the inspired teacher.
Ways you can participate:
1. Join me on the EPIC VIBES KAUAI RETREAT October 2nd-9th 2019 on the sacred portal island of Kauai, Hawaii

Retreat Registration Includes:
– Roundtrip Airport Transportation & Local Transportation
– Full Access General Admission Ticket to ALOHA Kauai YOGA & PEACE Festival
– (5) Nights Lodging at Hilton Garden Inn
– (2) Nights Lodging on North Shore
– (1) Group Meal Per Day

Featured Activities:
Beachside Workshops & Talks * Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions * Waterfall Hiking * Nature Adventures * ALOHA Kauai Yoga & Peace Festival * Sound Healing * Live Plant Music Recording Excursions * Cacao Ceremony * Yoga * Live Music * Beach Resort Access

For more details visit the booking page:





Learn more about my Aloha Festival workshop here!

I sure hope you will share these adventures with your community in Kauai and Join us on the island and let the synchronistic magic unfold! This is a trip that means so much to me and it is how I will be celebrating my 27th Birthday this year! I look forward to seeing you soon.
Namaste, Aloha & SO MUCH LOVE ❤
– Brielle Bataille