Metamorphosis: Life as a Marketing & Event Specialist during the “global pandemic” + Join me for my LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR series starting March 26th!

Sometimes when you don’t know where to begin, you just start typing.

You start typing and pray that the flow of consciousness catches up to your fingers to be channeled through you as you type. Sometimes no matter how hard you might “try” to get into the “flow” and get the words out, life leaves you speechless. The last few weeks have left me feeling this way many times. Some call this a “writers block” but I believe that this phenomena happens to more than just writers. For me,  this “stuck-ness”  happens with some of my other practices like yoga. You could say that I fall into prolonged states of feeling more “Yin” (slow & introspective) and at other times more “Yang” (open & energetic). What typically happens is that there comes a point in time when I find that so much has happened that I can’t possibly contain my thoughts and feelings anymore.

Something has to be birthed from within to keep the natural harmony and ecology of  my inner psyche from the stagnation and toxicity. This is one of “those” posts.  

My life has changed rather drastically in the last 6 months. When I look back on where I was in my life and work in early September 2019, I see a different person than the person I saw when I looked in the mirror at dawn this morning. So much has happened all around and within me. I am starting to see the patterns.

I am starting to acknowledge and accept my role on earth as a sacred warrior and catalyst for transformation.

Transformation, or as I also like to refer to it “Metamorphosis” is a prominent theme of not only my life, but the lives of many of the people I meet and work with. As I begin to accept change as part of a natural process, I begin to walk into the unknown with more courage.

My heart has grown in its capacity to find the love in simple things and surrender to the flow.

I have also noticed that my tolerance for the disturbing responses and behaviors of those closest to me, the media, and society in general, is less than before. Which explains brilliantly how I ended up where I first started writing this post, at the “bug-out safe house”, deep off-grid in the woods of far eastern Arizona. In the loft of a little cabin surrounded by thousands of Juniper trees, many miles from the nearest town or grocery store. The birds, wind, and ancient Apache and Navajo spirits speak sweetly to me here. The smells, sounds, and stillness here comfort me in this challenging time of “global pandemic”.

As a deeply empathetic and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), the fear that lives and grows in the hearts and minds of those in big cities like the one I left behind on March 6th, Los Angeles, would have been a bit too much for me to handle energetically at this time. My inner guidance told me to leave LA and go on the adventure of a lifetime to Bali, Indonesia for the BaliSpirit Festival. That was, until I got news that the festival was postponed on the evening of March 14th. My heart quickly sank into the truth as I came to the realization that this unprecedented “global pandemic” was going to effect my life and future far more than I could have anticipated when I left LA.

Things are happening SO FAST. Each piece of “new information” that comes to me seems to:

a) Stink like bullshit or lack solid substantial evidence.

b) Makes me more disturbed, heartbroken, or sad

c) Inspires me to start doing something or taking something thats healthy for my body, mind, and spirit.

d) Makes me want to hide under a blanket and lay on my VIBE System listening to Aura Clearing and Pathogen Killing Frequencies for the next decade

Truly, it is a wild mixed salad type of experience for everyone on the planet during this time.

I sit in celebration today of the spring equinox and feel immense gratitude for the ability to currently be staying somewhere I feel safe.  I feel so lucky to have created a life and business that allows me to live and work remotely. I know that there are many people that wish they had the ability to say the same right now. If that sounds like you, then I want to help! In an effort to help keep myself busy, learning, and radiating positivity, I am doing something this spring I haven’t done in 3 years…

I am excited to announce that I will be offering my Intro to Social Media Management class series in an online webinar format starting next week! The original class was a 5-week class is a course that I taught in Boulder, CO as an offline and in person class when I worked at the Bodywork Bistro. At the time, I had access to a beautiful studio space to teach. The last classes I offered of this type were in Spring of 2017. They featured guest speakers and friends of mine who were all experts in the field and I will most likely have guest-speakers on the upcoming webinar series as well. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Here is the official invitation:

READY TO LEVEL UP YOUR MARKETING GAME? LOOKING TO INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL OR BRAND EXPOSURE THIS SPRING? Curious to learn more about the basics of how to create and GROW a more successful ORGANIC social media presence for your new project or online business? Do you have a basic start on social media for your business but are not sure what steps to take next to get new customers or buyers? Sign-up for Manifestation Media’s Spring 2020 Online 7-class webinar series. Each WEEKLY LIVE ONLINE CLASS will be approximately 2-hours in length and is focused on helping you take things to the next level for your small business or private practice.
~ DATES: Thursday’s Starting March 26th ~

~ TIME: 5-7PM PT // 6-8PM MT // 7-9PM CT – Replays will be available!
~ LOCATION: LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR! A link for each class will be sent to those who register below.
~ COST: Sliding Scale – Pay what you can! Recommended – $25 & up per class
~ CAPACITY: Each class is capped at 50 people
~ YOU NEED: Laptop + Cell Phone + Something for notes. Please create an account & download the mobile app for each platform onto your device prior to class!

I sure hope you will join me for the next chapter in an OH SO EPIC LIFE STORY!

Are you ready for an online adventure you will never forget?

Questions? Send email to:

Brielle Bataille founder / owner of Manifestation Media

Q: Will this class be available again in the future?
A: THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE, 50 PERSON CAPACITY, LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY! The last time I taught a modified version of this course was in Spring of 2017 and I have learned SO MUCH in the last few years! I like to teach “live” and I don’t have plans on rebroadcasting or selling this content in the future at this time. All of the platforms have been changed and updated major ways which makes selling the videos difficult as new versions and updates come out so often. Replays of the videos will be available for those who sign-up for the class.

Q: Who have you worked with in the past?
A: My current and past client roster includes Major Music Festivals, World-Renowned Authors and Teachers, A-list Celebrities, Biohacking Pioneers, Innovative Start-ups, and World-Renowned Visionary Artist and Healers!