Wednesday April 1st – Day #1 – of the #ManifestMeMagic Challenge – #WELCOMETOMYLIFE

Aloha Ke Akua,
Today is day 1 of my 30-day Social Media Challenge and the topic for today is – WELCOME TO MY LIFE!! For starters, it means a lot to me that you read my posts and follow me. Writing and doing design work has always been a passion of mine and it makes me feel good when people take their time to read what I write and give me feedback and love. ❤
I was born in Austin, Texas September 20th 1992. One of my all time favorite songs is Earth, Wind, and Fire’s classic song “September”. Growing up in Austin, known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, rooted me in a life-long love affair with the arts and entertainment industry.
In 2011, I got a camera as a gift and was inspired to start my original photography blog. After graduation from JWU in Denver with my degree in Entertainment & Events Management, my focus on photography transformed into a focus on events, online marketing, and social media management. Today, I am so proud to say that I have helped produce, promote, and co-create some of the most incredible events and festivals the world has to offer.
While it is challenging that the events industry is on “pause” right now and so much of the future is unknown. I am super focused on sharing my skills in my online webinar series, developing daily wellness practices, and staying close to my faith. I love nature and feel that this time we are in is regenerating and healing for earth. I know a thing or two about rebuilding and regenerating. I arose from the ashes after losing most of my belongings in a house fire on 2/6/16. This traumatic dragging of the magic carpet out from under me, in divine time, showed me that I did not need the carpet and that I could fly. I am grateful for this experience as it showed me my strength and jump-started my spiritual awakening. It was in this time of uncertainty that I created great momentum that has allowed me to begin the next chapters of my life.
In January 2017, I launched my current full time business Manifestation Media. Over the last 3 year the work I have done has changed my clients lives and my own. I create and manage online portals that build sales and businesses. I create brand stories for my clients that help drive sales, and at the same time inspire people around the world. I promote artists and entrepreneurs and I coach them on how to use tools they need for personal and professional growth.
I enjoy working with some of the top artists, event promoters, and entrepreneurs in the global conscious community. I am readily engaging in opportunities to work and network with growth focused entrepreneurs.
I live for adventures, love the ocean and being in nature, and practice yoga. I use Manifestation Media as my company website. It is an adventure journal, bulletin board, and photo album. Past. Present. Future.
Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey!
I am wishing you a month of health, wealth, and abundance! ❤

-Brielle Bataille