Join the new VIP Manifestation Media Community now!

Hello Gorgeous people! It is 11:11pm on April 11th 2020 and today’s 30-day challenge topic is – 11:11 MAKE A WISH – This is auspicious because one of my biggest wishes JUST CAME TRUE about 30 mins ago! As of today I have launched my PRIVATE VIP ONLINE SOCIAL COMMUNITY – which is not actually on “Social Media” for Manifestation Media!! There are so many reasons why going with a PRIVATE NETWORK IN 2020 & BEYOND IS TRENDING ❤
Here are some reasons I got inspired & created mine:
– To offer exclusive opportunities to a VIP targeted audience
– To inspire a higher level of community interest and engagement due to it being “PAID AD FREE”
– Leverage additional tools available to engage & target my most interested audience
– Offer VIP Giveaways you won’t find anywhere else on the internet
I just added the first 3 weeks of my Intro to Social Media Management Webinar replays to the Courses section. I will now be making all future class announcements and replay postings inside of this group.
Now, I am looking for support and actively SEEKING CREATIVE & INSPIRED AF LEADERS who want to help me build out the community. I have room to have several co-hosts and this is a place that you can share your events. Help support us as a Host + Ambassador & EARN $ DOING IT! That is right, I am offering a $cash$ incentive for those who help promote the group and want to create engaging content!
THINK, GROW, MANIFEST! Join the network here:
& reach out to me once you are inside if you have questions ❤
I know you’ll love it & want to thank you endlessly for all your continued support!
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