EVENT SPOTLIGHT: “Grounding into Simplicity” 12-week virtual journey with Sacred Tish!


As I reflect on the last year of my life, I am in awe of how much I have grown spiritually.

A huge part of this major personal Metamorphosis has been my focused study of sacred work and the healing arts.

What have I learned??

This life takes a sacred earth warrior.

This life takes conscious cultivation of deep spiritual practice.

This life takes focus and daily ritual for us to reach our limitless divine potential.

The truth is that for most people, coming into the space of communion and connection with the divine and learning how to better ground ourselves into life on earth is something that we need guidance and support with. Developing daily practices, creating sacred spaces, clearing our energy fields, and coming to ritual connection with the higher self is something that has true potential to change your life for the better.

On my recent journey to Costa Rica for Envision Festival, I deeply connected with dear soul sister @sacredtish. Tish is one of the few people I truly feel understands me on a spiritual level. She is a shining light of hope in a strange time of uncertainty. I am so excited to join her as a guest student in her upcoming 12-week virtual mentorship program “Grounding into Simplicity” starting on the next New Moon just a few days away – May 22nd 2020! The 12-week program features 8 amazing guest teachers and is available to women only.  Today, I am sharing this event with you with the intention of helping more sisters find the light of wisdom, sisterhood, and spiritual support they need during the challenging times we are living in. My wish for you is to always remember you are eternally loved and supported.

A few “Words from Tish” about the course:

It would be an honor to support you and be a guide for your personal transformation and awakening process. For it is times like these that we are faced with the company we keep in the empty moments; ourselves. We are being called to do the inner work collectively. To learn again to love who we are, to learn to hold ourselves with understanding, forgiveness and a great deal of love. Let this time bring you nearer to the love and acceptance you’ve always craved, the one that comes from your own being. Welcome the simple joys of life and rest back in your soul with comfort.  Let us walk each other home sister, I see you, I honor you. With love in JOY. — Tish

To learn more about the opportunity & register please visit www.sacredtish.com

or send an email to followyourblisscr@gmail.com 

Click here to check out the Scholarship Application

Make sure to follow @sacredtish and check out the lineup of Guest Speakers: 

@AshleighSergeant ~ ashleighsergeant.com

@SarahMarieWu ~ villagewitch.org

@NadineLee ~ www.tantricalchemy.net

@RebekahShaman ~ www.rebekahshaman.com

@LaylaElKhadri ~ www.laylaelkhadri.com

@JohannaThorn ~ www.ilivevibrantly.com

@ZainSaraswati ~ zain.love

@Astaria ~ www.lightofsound.com



Watch this video to see if you feel the called to this sacred work:


Brielle Bataille 

Brielle Bataille is the Founder of ManifestationMedia.com a creative Digital Marketing & Event Planning agency based in Boulder, CO.  Brielle is an Online Business Coach, Event Specialist, and Blogger, from Austin, TX who has helped to transform the lives and businesses of her clients. She is known in the Entertainment industry for her work promoting and producing international events.  Her experience spans over many roles and departments. She actively seeks collaborations that inspire healthy positive impact in the areas of spirituality, community building, and wellness
Notable Festival Production Teams Brielle has worked on include: ALOHA, ARISESONIC BLOOMENVISIONDEEP TROPICS, MAYAN HEART, & EUPHORIA.

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