EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Whole Person Activation – Building Bridges Beyond Barriers 10/10 Virtual Wellness Experience

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Happy Thursday Dear Ones!

It has been some time since I last shared an update and while I truly wish I had the bandwidth to share more about the MASSIVE EXPANSION that is occurring in my ENTIRE REALITY right now. However, at a time like today – 48 hours till “DAY OF SHOW”. The angels have asked me to STAY FOCUSED AND TO THE POINT. So here it goes – I am excited to share that I have accepted a new role working to help an incredible organization – Earth Walk, A Platform To Unite Humanity, Celebrate Diversity, Ignite Passions & Transform The World 🌎 

I was invited on as Social Media Team lead for Earth Walk’s Whole Person Events Team. Manifestation Media is thrilled to stand in alliance and support of Earth Walk and their Whole Person Events Series! Earth Walk is a Global Network of Connectivity with the mission to prioritize Peace as a Practice & Intentional Community Building opportunities.

Earth Walk sees and honors the beauty of every being in their unique wholeness and strives to illuminate the peaceful and passionate ways humans are capable of living in harmony with and co-creating a thriving planet earth. Amidst unprecedented times, Earth Walk has become increasingly aware of the need for unity and connection. 

With global unification in mind, The Earth Walk team is hosting a HIGH-VIBRATIONAL sequence of GLOBAL experiences that will begin this SATURDAY 10/10/20 at 5:55am PST! The #WholePersonActivation program will run until 2:22pm when we will then pass the torch to DisclosureFest for a Unified Global Mass Meditation. At 3:33pm PST Earth Walk will host a special Inaugural Eternal Flame Ceremony for Global Unity.

After this special Eternal Flame ceremony, from 6pm-10pm PST the entire Whole Person Activation will join Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe for an online community gathering & inspirational variety show!

Saturday Night Alive has been the mecca of conscious, heart-centered, transformational community to gather online from across the globe for nourishing and soul-inspiring talks, music, and connection. Featuring world-class luminaries, brilliant musicians, and light-hearted comedians, we bring both warmth and wisdom during so much uncertainty. The Oct 10th Theme is near in dear to my heart: Quantum Healing: Creating Everyday Miracles! Featuring Artists & Luminaries: Deepak Chopra • Mas Sajady • Shiva Rea • Kimberly Meredith • Ajaya Sommers • Eostar & Mathias • Madhu Anziani & Egemen Sanli • Jay Mayer • Paul Draper Hosted by: Scott Catamas & Debra Giusti with Broadcast Partners: Awake TV – UNIFY – Humanity’s Team – New Realities TV – Earthdance Global – Love Coach Academy – DisclosureFest Foundation – Portal to Ascension – SINE Network – Global Days of Unity 

Come join us for a day of visionary inspiration, deep truth, reflection, prayer and meditation, all addressing this unique time that our collective is going through.

Each week Saturday Night Alive seeks to give between $1,500 – $2,000 to vital nonprofit organizations that are specifically addressing challenges associated with the coronavirus, social & racial injustice and organizations fostering positive solutions for our world. Every week we also support fire victims of the West Coast affected by the recent California & Oregon wildfires.

The #WholePersonEvents series is designed to be a Living Launchpad toward a thriving Society of Whole People. The series begins with a worldwide ceremonial activation on #WorldMentalHealthDay this Saturday 10/10. With that in mind we have intentionally selected healers, space holders, and artists who are eager to co-exist and co-create in an interactive online setting! The Whole Person series is actively calling those who seek to #BuildBridgesBeyondBarriers! 

Our community is full of people who, in these ever-changing times, value and prioritize the worth of a thriving coherent community committed to nourishing their spirits through connectivity and aligned encounters! 10/10 hosts the opening of a powerful portal that transcends into global networks and holds sacred space across an eternal timeline. To learn more you can visit this event page here. 

Three Months. Three Events. Three Intentions. 

10/10 – #WholePersonActivation FB RSVP: http://bit.ly/wpsactivation

11/11 – #WholePersonUnification – Details TBA! 

Weekend of 12/12 – #WholePersonImmersion – Details TBA! 

All events will be live streamed and host people in our LIVE Zoom experience from all over the world! Please join us on 10/10/2020 to ACTIVATE ❤







To learn more about Earth Walk and their ever flowing offerings follow this link. 

We hope you will join us in alliance with the Earth Walk Community. 


Butterfly Brielle Bataille 



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