Set the intention to Use The Breath to Cultivate Bliss this week!

A lot of us have been asking, what can we do? What role is “ours” to play in these powerful times of metamorphosis, disillusionment, and future uncertainty? How can we make choices that will ripple into future timelines and create lasting change?

We can’t control others, yet we can take the time to breathe a little deeper, relax a little longer, care for ourselves and be more loving with each other. We can reprogram the spaces within our being that have held us back from authentic connection to ourselves and ALL of the beautiful creatures on this planet because we are in this together.

This is why the Manifesting Our Dream Reality series is not focused on one single modality but on many disciplines that create a sacred space perfect for deep healing, self-exploration, and empowerment; because empowered being move from the heart space, leading with LOVE. Loving people listen deeply, they dare to love whole-heartedly, and in turn help others to heal themselves.

This is WHY I put together the Manifesting Our Dream Reality FREE Interview & Live Virtual Workshop Series.

Lightworkers around the world are called NOW to deepen their journey of self-discovery by coming into sacred space with their souls true calling.

I truly believe that those who care to HARMONIZE with the healing frequencies of New Earth by: Clearing the Energy Field & Creating Sacred SpaceUsing the Breath to Cultivate Blissusing Sacred Sound Frequencies to Unlock Vitality, Discovering Their Soul MissionUnlocking their Life PurposeConnecting with Plants, Animal Guides, & Nature Spirits, using Crystals & Talismans for Healing and Protection, and tapping into the The Mystery, Magic, and Music of the #8 ARE the medicine this world needs. (Click these titles to explore the full details for each topic)

Join me (Butterfly Brielle) and guest presenter Lee Davy This coming Thursday March 18th 5-7pm PST / 6-8pm MST to dive deep into one of my favorite “tools” for harmonizing with the frequencies of New Earth: Using The Breath to Cultivate Bliss. This is just the second in an amazing 8-week series packed with practical everyday tools you can use to cultivate greater health, wealth, and harmony in your life. SIGN-UP HERE:

When you join here’s just a bit of what we’ll dive into together in this week’s workshop:

  •  Learn the importance of breath and all physiological benefits!
  • Learn how to how to connect to the unified field/divine, to live more vibrantly and feel more ALIVE in harmony with your environment!
  • Learn various techniques to cultivate a simple daily breath work practice!

This is ancient knowledge that instantly transforms worlds (inner & outer) and the best part is that the practical application of this wisdom doesn’t require electricity, WiFi, or a social media following.

This series is meant to be educational and practical yes, but more than that, it’s meant to be powerfully transformational. It’s meant to be medicine for the soul, mind, and body, empower you to manifest your dreams!


  • $33 – Single Night Pass: Single Zoom Event Access for the night purchased
  • $222 – 8-Week Full Access: 8-Weeks Full Zoom Access + Replay Videos + Private FB Group Access


May the dreams your heart is longing for manifest with grace & ease!

Brielle Bataille / @ButterflyBrielle






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