You are invited to Unlock Your Life Purpose!

Sometimes in life you just have to drop everything and do something for yourself. Squished awkwardly between the driving, traffic, people, and never-ending to-do list you should make the conscious choice to participate in some form of pause from the momentum. People may judge you for this or find ways not to understand, but end the end it doesn’t really matter.

All that really matters is that you take the time, find the time, to hold the vision, and make this “you time” happen. Nourish your soul with incredible company, great music, nourishing food and relationships. Hold the vision of your dream while supporting others by taking the best possible care of yourself. Yourself is your health is your wealth. Everything we manifest along the journey is a direct by-product of the frequency we hold and the loving light we share with others.

We are connected in more ways than we realize. Regardless of where we were born, our race, religion, sexual preferences, or personality type the road of life for all Human BE-ings has been rocky. Life challenges present themselves at different times for different reasons. To navigate the rocky cliffs of life, make sure to take the time that is really needed. Don’t rush or you might fall to your death in a canyon of cactus and rattlesnakes. Seriously. Do what you need to, to show up, get up, and never give up.

Find peace in the Costa Rican jungle paradise, or amidst the enchanted red rocks of the Sacred Portal of Sedona. Inspire magic at the Haleakalā creater, go hiking in the Waipi’o Valley of The Kings or swim along the shores of a sacred Heiau in hawaii. Breathe the fresh mountain air of the Colorado rockies while you skinny dip in a hot pool of mineral spring water. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of the world all around you. Earth is our garden of eden. Pause, breathe, clear, hum, sing, channel your truth and simply meet yourself where you are at.

The need for this regularly scheduled time for deep listening and inner reflection is why the Manifesting Our Dream Reality series is not a single night event or focused on a single modality. Our true need is to create a sacred space (physically or mentally) that is perfect for slowing down, working on soul/personality integration, developing a path of meditative self-exploration, and living a life empowered filled with truth and purpose. Empowered beings move from the heart space, leading with LOVE. Loving people listen deeply, they dare to LOVE whole-heartedly, and in turn help others to heal themselves.

I truly believe that those who care to HARMONIZE with the healing frequencies of New Earth by: Clearing the Energy Field & Creating Sacred SpaceUsing the Breath to Cultivate Blissusing Sacred Sound Frequencies to Unlock Vitality, Discovering Their Soul MissionUnlocking their Life PurposeConnecting with Plants, Animal Guides, & Nature Spirits, using Crystals & Talismans for Healing and Protection, and tapping into the The Mystery, Magic, and Music of the #8 ARE the medicine this world needs. (Click these titles to explore the full details for each topic)

Check out the FREE Interview series on YOUTUBE that I did with each of the #ManifestingOurDreamReality presenters & RSVP for the Live Virtual Workshop Series.

Lightworkers around the world are called to deepen their journey of self-discovery by coming into sacred space with their souls true calling. The time is NOW. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Join me (Butterfly Brielle) and guest presenters Topaz Jones and Brian DiCiacco this Thursday April 1st 5-7pm PST / 6-8pm MST to dive deep into one of my favorite “tools” for harmonizing with the frequencies of New Earth: Discovering Your Soul Mission.  This week we will also enjoy the sacred sounds of world renowned harpist Peter Sterling in our opening and closing moments together for enhanced amplification & integration of this powerful self-development work!

This will be week #5 in an amazing 8-week series packed with practical everyday tools you can use to cultivate greater health, wealth, and harmony in your life.

Check out the Facebook Event HERE.

When you join here’s just a bit of what we’ll dive into together in this week’s workshop:

  • Understand what is a “Soul Mission”
  • Learn how beliefs impact your Soul Mission journey
  • Learn different ways to connect to your Soul Mission
  • Lean how to find (and stay on) the path of your Soul Mission
  • Learn the Value of finding your Soul Mission
  • Learn the Value of not “searching” for your Soul Mission

This event series is meant to be educational and practical yes, but more than that, it’s meant to be powerfully transformational. It’s meant to be medicine for the soul, mind, and body, empower you to manifest your dreams!


  • $33 – Single Night Pass: Single Zoom Event Access for the night purchased
  • $222 – 8-Week Full Access: 8-Weeks Full Zoom Access + Replay Videos + Private FB Group Access


May the dreams your heart is longing for manifest with grace & ease!

Brielle Bataille / @ButterflyBrielle






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