Join us tonight for the final workshop in the Manifesting Our Dream Reality series featuring a Crystal Bowl Song Bath Closing Ceremony !

Join me Butterfly Brielle, Zach West, and & Deborah Koff-Chapin Thursday April 29th 5-7pm PST / 6-8pm MST to dive deep into one of my favorite “tools” for harmonizing with the frequencies of New Earth: The Magic, Music, and Mystery of the #8. This the 8th and FINAL WEEK in an amazing 8-week series packed with practical everyday tools you can use to cultivate greater health, wealth, and harmony in your life.

Check out the Facebook Event HERE.

When you join here is a bit of what you can expect to take away from this experience:

  • We will open up to & connect with our “Subtle Realm Guides” with a “Portals of Presence” 8-Card reading from Deborah’s newest deck just recently released!
  • We will cover the role the Inner Ear plays in Tonal Nutrition and Movement Medicine, and how this helps us Center and Encircle our Charisma Magnet.
  • We will explore the way the inhale/exhale seesaw helps us find assurance in the fulcrum, and how this allows for more freedom to Engineer the Probability Waves of our Future-Past.
  • We will create Mantras and Affirmations that silence the over-thinker, and journey into the realm of the Archetypes for help with our Planetary Narrative.
  • We will consider how connecting with a Tribe can bring hope and optimism during these turbulent times, and ways to use the “out of body experience” of virtual connection to Manifest Our Dream Realities.
  • We will integrate and meditate on this epic download from Zach and Brielle with a final Closing Ceremony Crystal Bowl Songbath by Deborah.


  • 6pm MST ~ DOORS OPEN
  • 6:05-6:15pm MST ~ Brielle Bataille ~ Opening Prayer & Topic Overview + Card Reading from Deborah’s new Deck “Portals of Presence” that serve as our subtle realm guides for this final bonus night of the series.
  • 6:15pm-7:00pm MST ~ Zach West shares about cultivation of inner Magic, using Music and art in Mediation and explores the mystery of the 8-circuit model of human consciousness.
  • 7:00pm-7:45pm MST ~ Deborah Koff Chapin Crystal Bowl Song Bath Meditation (This is the Closing Ceremony for the 8-week series)
  • 7:45pm ~ Group Sharing Circle & Download gifts shared with the group.

This event series is meant to be educational and practical yes, but more than that, it’s meant to be powerfully transformational. It’s meant to be medicine for the soul, mind, and body, empower you to manifest your dreams!

>>> SIGN-UP HERE <<<

May the magical and mystical crystal visions your heart is longing for manifest!

Brielle Bataille / @ButterflyBrielle






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