Event Spotlight: Entering Nature’s Dream ~ Dreaming with Horses and Plant Spirit Medicine May 22-23, 2021

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

This moon feels like it is clearing the way for something new to be born. With each deep breath, I find myself appreciating what has been, celebrating what is, and allowing what comes.

For some, you may be considering the dynamic of your closest relationships – with other living creatures, places you frequent, or things you treasure in life. For others you may continue to battle with fear itself. Let’s be honest, the uncomfortable truth is out there. Climate change is occurring rapidly, and the political landscape of the planet is not one of overall harmony. The world isn’t the place it was yesterday, and it won’t be the same tomorrow as it is today. The reality for me? Most days “Trudging through 3D” feels pretty heavy. So my question to ponder this New Moon is – How will I release the weight, let go of the pain, and step into a regular practice of self-love, self-forgiveness and self-nourishment this Spring?

I beg you to ask yourself – What are you holding onto? What are you allowing to take up space in your mind and heart. What is weighing you down energetically?

What might be allowed to manifest if you open up to the divine and truly let-it-go?

I am blessed to share that I have been working with a new client that has presented exciting opportunities for healing. Jackie Ashley LPC, BC-DMT, ACS, ESMHL, is a Somatic psychotherapist, Dance Movement Therapist, and Approved Clinical Supervisor. She is an avid horsewoman and has been integrating horses into her practice since 2002, with a focus on body based trauma through the lens of Somatic Experiencing. Jackie integrates somatic awareness, contemplative practice, equine therapy and expressive arts therapy to help clients integrate emotional, physical and spiritual experience. Jackie Ashley and I have been working together for a new weeks now and we just did an amazing livestream interview that I recommend checking out HERE. In this interview Jackie explains WHY horses are so powerful in helping to release & clear trauma. (excerpt about Jackie taken from her website – learn more HERE)

Spring is the time when the ponies shed and the energy of the earth comes forward with its lushness bursting forth. This is a time of letting go and renewal. What do you want to shed in your life? What do you want to create, bring forth?

Jackie Ashley is co-hosting a workshop with two colleagues Marta Aarli & Karla Refoxo (Karla Refojo) that fuses three of the most powerful natural medicines I know of together – Dreams, Horses, and Plants. They have invited you & I to share a Saturday evening and a Sunday in Nature with Dreams, Horses, & Plants as our guides. Join us for a few moments of magic under the big Mama Cottonwood Tree at Horses Make Miracles. I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in this event happening May 22 & 23rd and take this time to relax, integrate, and dream-into what “soul seeds” I would like to plant next. My hope is that you will gift yourself this time too, because you are so worth it!

Through the power of our dream journeying, the grounding and uplifted energy of horses and the healing powers of plants, we will spend time in community to receive guidance, deepen our presence and wisdom and heal from the challenges our life has offered us.

Here is a little more about the presenters & links to their websites:

HORSES with Jackie Ashley:
Jackie Ashley is a Somatic and Dance/Movement therapist who has been integrating horses into her practice since 2002. Jackie believes in the innate healing capacity of our bodies and the creative process to heal trauma and build resiliency. Horses naturally bring us into an embodied state to ease the access to our truer selves.

DREAMS with Marta Aarli:
Marta Aarli is a dream guide, psychotherapist, singer and poet. Her passion is supporting people in feeling the deep, life-affirming messages and energies in their dreams. She helps people connect with their wisdom, hidden from everyday consciousness, by entering a dreamlike state of creativity, imagination, and new possibilities. www.inspiral-psychotherapy.com and www.spiralmystic.com

PLANTS with Karla Refoxo:
Karla Refoxo is a Dream Tender, Oracle reader and Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. Through the deep work of dream tending and the healing powers of plants, she will connect us with our deepest longing, open us up to the gifts of our lives and inspire a deep connection with the natural world and the beings that inhabit it. www.paintedream.com and www.tulkuoracle.com

I am really drawn to the beautiful image below painted by Karla and I am so excited to connect to the sacred place that seems to have inspired this image.


~ Entering Nature’s Dream ~
Dreaming with Horses and Plant Spirit Medicine May 22-23, 2021
Saturday 5:30-8pm and Sunday 10am-5pm MT
Experiential Outdoor Workshop

Rate of $145 for those who mention ManifestationMedia.com to Jackie upon registering

To register contact Jackie Ashley: 720-308-2728 or jackieashley9@gmail.com

Location near Longmont, Colorado, directions given after registration.

Limited to 10 participants, COVID guidelines will be followed.


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