Watch the all new Manifestation Media Spotlight Series Vlog Episodes 3 & 4!

Tune in Wednesday September 15th as I will be going live at 2pm MST for the fourth episode of the ALL NEW Manifestation Media Artist Spotlight Series. All links to prior episodes are below. 👇🏼

In this unique live streamed “Virtual Tour” style series I will share my #StaffPicks for the following spotlighted categories: SPOTLIGHTS INCLUDE A PICK FOR EACH OF THESE CATEGORIES:

🎶Musical Artist – Someone doing BIG THINGS in the live music space

🎨Visual Artist – A Visionary Painter, Digital Designer, or Multi-Media Style Artist

🎟Event Spotlight – A single event or a series of events to keep on the radar + links to grab tickets so you don’t miss out!

🏨Venue Spotlight – This will be a bar, nightclub, restaurant, hotel, or beautiful noteworthy outdoor space

💻Marketing Spotlight – At @ManifestationMedia we are focused on helping our clients succeed with a combination of strategic planning and media marketing magic. In each episode of this series I will share a tip for success that I recommend for taking your project to the next level.

If you missed episode #3 make sure to check it out!

Watch Episode #1 here:

Watch Episode #2 here:

Watch Episode #3 here:–ZzGnk

Watch Episode #4 here:

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