Step through the 11.11 Portal and Create Coherent Content!

Aloha Manifestation Media CommUNITY,

What are you up to this Thursday 11/11?

I am excited to be presenting at a very special event this week: 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience and I hope you can make it!

My talk will be at 9:30am PST / 10:30am MST on 11/11 on the topic of, “Creating Coherent Content”.

After a decade of work in Digital Marketing for some of the world’s best conscious festivals and events, the phrase, “Content is King,” rings with an undeniable truth.

Social Media today is an ever-evolving landscape with millions of online creators sharing messages all day, every day. I have witnessed many clients fall into the pit of frustration trying to figure out what to post, when to post, and how to impact with their ideal audience.

The truth: connecting your heART to your ART is way more important than just putting out a new post because “you think you should.”

Join me at 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience to explore a new formula I have developed for “Creating Coherent Content” from a place of heART Coherence and soul alignment. It will transform the way you create from something you “have to do,” to something inspiring you “get to do”.

The best part: content created from a coherent space will help you to attract the types of clients and collaborations that are in resonance with you!

The practice is:

🩰 1 Part Movement Magic – Get ready to dance!

✍🏽 1 Part Freedom Writing – Bring a journal

💻 1 Part Digital Drafting / Editing – Open a blank note on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Step through the 11.11 Portal and experience the metamorphosis from “Content is King” to fully activated and embodied “Queen of Coherent Content”!

The JOYerny of working with Anistara as her Marketing Director for 11.11 Unified comes with the mutual intention to celebrate and honor the energy that the powerful 11.11 Gateway brings to our world. Gathering many people from all walks of life and uniting hearts and minds through intention, prayer, and synchronized meditation. We will be gathering our cosmic collective at several points throughout the day to connect with the unified field of peace, love, and healing. I invite you to join us!

Register below and join us for our synchronized global meditations as well as have access to some fantastic content from spiritual teachers, heart centered performers, dancers and musicians throughout the day!

I look forward to celebrating with you all!

In Heartfelt Coherence,

Brielle Bataille Founder of Manifestation Media

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