11.11 Unified Virtual Experience 2022 Theme Announcement: Seeding Our New Earth

We are very excited to announce our theme for our 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience experience:
Seeding Our New Earth

Members of our 11.11 Unified Dream Team have been recently inspired by films such as:
Fantastic Fungi, The Need to Grow, and Kiss the Ground
All three made a deep impact on what we see needs to be done in order for the next 7 generations to thrive. We need to completely turn around from the direction we are moving in, into the direction of regeneration. We must express gratitude and honor our mothership Gaia, it is necessary to tend to her and care for her, as she does for us. Not only for her survival but for all of humanity’s THRIVE-ALL!

We will be donating a portion of our proceeds from this year’s event to:
Kiss the Ground Foundation

Do you hear the call to join us on this mission, for all of humanity’s sake?

Calling all aligned collaborators for our 11.11.22 Gathering!

Awakened presenters to share ideas that are in alignment with our Core Values & Guiding Principles (see graphics below).

Specialists on the forefront of permaculture, regeneration, organic food farming, seed banking, mycelium network/fungi.

Awakened Leaders teaching mindfulness, awareness, consciousness, coherence, meditation & other modalities.

Also desiring musicians, movement artists, dance/yoga instructors.

We aim to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of our attendees this year!
Do you feel called to contribute, apply below!👇🏼

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