11.11 Unified Network presents: 10.10 Portal Day Transmission: Co-Creators Unite!

YOU ARE INVITED! Beam in to meet some of the Contributors and Network Partners that are a part of our 11:11 Unified Virtual Experience: Seeding Our New Earth !
Enter this sacred circle, to experience the vibration and essence of this year’s theme Seeding Our New Earth, and the intention of this co-creation that is unfolding. Please note a portion of our proceeds will benefit Kiss The Ground 501(c)3, supporting their mission to regenerate Gaia.
Each of our co-creators will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share more about the presentation they plan to present for our upcoming 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience. Our Intention is for you to receive the messages that they transmit on this special portal day, while also getting excited about what we will experience together on 11.11.22.
After the 10.10 Portal Day Transmission is complete, we will be opening the zoom room for a special Q&A session, where you can comment and ask anything to any of the co-creators that are present with us. Only those who register on Eventbrite and make a donation to be on the call LIVE will receive this special networking opportunity.
We appreciate any donation you can offer and we want you to understand that this particular portal day transmission is also intended to raise funds to produce the best 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience possible. The more that you give, the more that we can provide stellar content this year!

Here are our confirmed Co-Creators!
Hosted by Anistara Ma Ka
Miranda Clendering & Debbie G Sliker – Ambassadors from Unify
Debra Giusti
Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen, M.A.
Andy Hahn
Lee Davy
Jessica Van Antwerp
Stephinity Meta Salazar
Paul Temple
Brielle Bataille
Valerie A. Elster
Rev. Devi Grace
Luminessa Enjara
Tzaddik HaNachash

Members of our 11.11 Unified Dream Team have been recently inspired by films such as:
Fantastic Fungi, The Need to Grow, and Kiss the Ground
All three made a deep impact on what we see needs to be done in order for the next 7 generations to thrive. We need to completely turn around from the direction we are moving in, into the direction of regeneration. We must express gratitude and honor our mothership Gaia, it is necessary to tend to her and care for her, as she does for us. Not only for her survival but for all of humanity’s THRIVE-ALL!

We will be donating a portion of our proceeds from this year’s event to:
Kiss the Ground Foundation

Do you hear the call to join us on this mission, for all of humanity’s sake?

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” —Rumi 

Presented by 11.11 Unified a project of Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3

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