✨11.11✨ Unified: Seeding our New Earth! Awaken to the possibilities of regeneration!


No lie, the road to this year’s 11.11 has been full of both incredible magic and tremendous challenge.

We are rapidly heading toward the 11.11.22 PORTAL!

No matter what the weather, our 11.11 Unified Dream Team has been putting in the LOVE to make this VISION A REALITY!

This 11.11 we are UNITING thought leaders to regenerate our planet and make a positive impact on humanity! 

We are stewarding our New Earth for our shared evolution!

Beam in for OUR Global Virtual Summit and awaken to the possibilities of regeneration of mama gaia!

WHEN: 11/11/22

11 a.m. Sydney, Australia time TO 11 p.m. Maui, HI time

Documentary Screenings: Kiss the Ground, The Need to Grow & The Seeds of Vandana Shiva
~ Workshops ~ Visionary Panels ~ Exclusive Interviews 
~ Music ~ Sacred Movement ~ Meditation

Our intention is to raise awareness and  funds for Kiss the Ground 501(c)3!

I will be featured in several pieces of content throughout this week that I encourage you to explore:

Healing from Trauma Interview with Andrew Hahn and Brielle Bataille

11 Sacred Tools for Harmonizing with the Frequencies of New Earth

Channeling the Music of The Angels Interview with Peter Sterling and Brielle Bataille

LOVESTREAM: Closing Ceremony


“Cultivating Community Coherence” Panel and the Global Coherence Pulse, hosted by Teresa Collins

11.11 Portal Day Transmission: “Living in Gratitude”: Livestream hosted by Anistara


Our future begins with the ground beneath our feet! Are you ready to Seed our New Earth- together?

During this exciting virtual experience, you’ll discover:

    • Self-care practices for Seeding our New Earth from within!

    • Various personal development modalities, to grow into a more evolved version of yourself that is in harmony with nature!

    •  How to join a growing movement to REGENERATE ourselves and Mother Earth!

    • How to cultivate a thriving future for all! 

    •  How to take action in your local community to co-create our New Earth- together!

    •  Tools for harmonizing and amplifying our New Earth frequency so you can be part of the SOULution!

Seeding our New Earth Vision Video 2022!

Proceeds from this year’s event to:
Kiss the Ground Foundation

Do you hear the call to join us on this mission, for all of humanity’s sake?

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” —Rumi 

Presented by 11.11 Unified a project of Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3



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