I grew up in Austin, Texas well known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Growing up in Austin, I had the privilege of being exposed to some of the most incredible art and music the world has to offer. In the fall of 2011, I graduated from Cedar Park High School and moved to Denver, Colorado to start college at Johnson & Wales University. Shortly after I arrived at JWU in September of 2011, I got a digital camera from my family as a birthday gift and was inspired to start my original concert and event photography blog – Thispicissick.com.

After graduating in 2015 with my degree in Entertainment & Events Management my focus on event Photography & Blogging transformed into a focus on Live Events Production & Social Media Marketing. In January of 2015 I officially rebranded with a new company name and launched Manifestation Media. I had recently landed a dream job working as the off-site Production Office Manager and doing Social Media Management for ARISE Music Festival in Loveland, CO. I quickly learned that starting my own business was going to be necessary for the evolution of my work in events promotion and production. 

In 2016 I had a profound dark night of the soul spiritual awakening experience. After losing 99% of my personal belongings (and a little bit of my mind) in a tragic house fire on February 6, 2016, I left my role at ARISE to invest my time and energy into re-designing my life. From the ashes of who I thought I was, I arose like a Phoenix and began to attract incredible clients and magical opportunities. 

In April of 2016, I was contacted by the producer of SONIC BLOOM (another dream job) was hired for a social media position and I have worked with Jamie on every SONIC BLOOM since. SONIC BLOOM is a festival that I LOVE and the work I do for BLOOM feels more like a divine life mission and soul calling than a “job” or a “gig”.

Over the years, my online business has allowed me to travel the world co-producing and participating in events doing what I LOVE and dancing with people from all walks of life! Since I founded my company in January of 2015, I have watched in awe as the work that I have done through Manifestation Media has powerfully transformed my clients businesses and lifestyles. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with internationally recognized festivals, world-famous producers, musicians, artists, coaches, and celebrities following their dreams! 

Today, I am readily engaging in opportunities to work and network with well-resourced high-vibe entrepreneurs. I consider myself a strategically-minded digital marketing and events professional with a passion for creativity. My goal with my current clients is to create relevance online by using web design, various software tools, and social media platforms to engage with the vast online community.

This website is dedicated to the sharing of my experiences and resume, marketing and coaching packages, favorite photos and an event promotional for my many adventures.

ManifestationMedia.com is my company website, adventure journal, bulletin board and photo album.
Past. Present. Future.
I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions!
***Namaste & Aloha ***

~ Brielle