Business & Strategy

ABOUT Our Business, Mission & VISION

Manifestation Media is a creative digital marketing & event production agency based in Boulder, Colorado. Manifestation Media offers entrepreneurs a personal creative director that will assist with online business development, branding, social media strategy, event production and content creation. Our work is to strategically plan, create, schedule and build brand identities and experiences. We will not take on ​over a certain amount of clients ensuring each client receives the special time and attention required to meet their goals.

Our Mission: The mission of Manifestation Media is to help Visionary Entrepreneurs manifest success through proactive online business development, creative branding, and inspiring event production. 

Our Vision: Manifestation Media aims to help birth the “New Earth” by assisting Visionary Entrepreneurs to create virtual portals that build their brands and take their businesses to the next level. 

What we do, in a nutshell: Creative Digital Marketing + Inspiring Virtual Events + Rockstar Growth Strategy + Aligned Mindset Coaching = Manifestation Media 

We are focused on building a community of like-minded co-hearts that believe in the healing power of intentional design & conscious collaboration in the world of – music, art, events, and marketing.

Our clients provide high-vibe products & services that are ethical and sustainable for our planet. 

We are proud to help the dreamers, designers, and artists of the world launch their businesses by taking digital marketing and many of the technical aspects of virtual business management off their hands – so our clients can focus on the vision of building other aspects of their organizations.

You can use online tools &  platforms to:

  • Develop & Promote your Brand
  • Connect & Interact with Customers
  • Monitor & Create Buzz
  • Promote Original Content
  • Position your brand or self in your industry
  • Generate Sales
  • Research Competition & Target Audiences

ABOUT Our Strategy

Every business is different. Every business has specific needs and needs to be looked at strategically.

Important things to consider that I have learned from many years of doing this work:

A. A great marketing strategy cannot make up for poor customer service or a poor product.

B. Rome wasn’t build in a day. You can’t expect results from social marketing to be instant. Building a strong and successful online presence takes time and the investment is well worth it!

C. A good digital marketing strategy can help save time, sell tickets and products & GENERATE MONEY!

D. Consistency is important to how well your audience responds to your business!

But do not let lack of time or lack of funds prevent you from getting started.

There is no better time than TODAY to start!

Areas of Experience:

  • Festivals & Events
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Authors & Musicians
  • Start-ups & Non-Profits
  • Health & Wellness
  • Restaurants & Entertainment Venues
  • Art Galleries & Visionary Artist
  • Head Shops, Glass Galleries & Dispensaries
  • New Product Launches

 For most clients – a great website, coherent social media, and regular newsletter/sms campaigns are all be part of an overall strategic marketing plan that insures that the brand is represented and has a clear voice online. I can help you decide on marketing goals that help you succeed and fit your budget.

 I love organization and can help your design and develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals.