Glassy Mermaid: Story behind the glass

Glassy Mermaid  is an etsy shop I started to support and sell my own glass art and the work of Steven Tillman aka Jellyfish or Jfish glass. Jellyfish and I met at Sonic Bloom music festival in Georgetown, Colorado in June 2013. Jellyfish attended the festival this year as a member of The Colorado Project, a non-profit community that brings glass artist together for a greater cause. He has worked extensively putting on live glassblowing events for the past three years. At the event, he and many other glassblowers from all over Colorado joined forces and did live glassblowing demos for all festival attendees. Jellyfish is father of two and has been blowing glass in northern Colorado for 10 years. His work is inspired by earth, space, and underwater creatures. Steven is well-known for using multimedia elements in his jewelry such as, electroformed copper, sterling and fine silver, crystals, minerals, and tektites. When we met the opportunity to learn to blow glass naturally presented itself. This opportunity and our meeting appeared rather magically, and had an energy of divine intervention. Although my glassblowing career has just begun, glass art has always been close to my heart. My uncle’s company Austin Thin Films is one of the largest Dichroic Glass manufactures in the states. Prior to meeting Jellyfish, I worked as a social media manager at a chain of glass galleries in Colorado called Myxed Up Creations. After working behind the scenes in the glass industry, as well as, on my degree in Events Management at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, I wanted to get more involved in selling at live events. My dream of vending at live events was realized when I was offered a job as Merchandise Manager with Bus To Show. Jellyfish and I have since been working together selling Glassy Mermaid glass, Olmec Apparel Clothing, and other Bus To Show community integrated products at our merchandise table. We are willing to set up our table at any event in need of vendors that presents a profitable opportunity. Our eyes our open to the rainbow of possibilities available in the glass and live event industry. We love to collab with other artist and share our art with the world!

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(Collab with Joel Corrley aka Black Sand Glass, Jellyfish, & Glassy Mermaid)

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My new etsy shop: Glassy Mermaid

Hey everyone!

So just to update you… many of you may already know that I recently started learning to blow glass and now have an online store for my pendants! Glassy Mermaid is a concept I have been developing over the last few months and I am finally ready to share it with you all! My hope and vision is that through glass blowing I can earn more income to travel to more faraway places and by a better computer and camera to blog and document MORE SICK PICS! I am lucky enough to have one of the best teachers in the world helping me though  the beginning stages of my glass blowing career. Jellyfish is showing me day by day how incredible and wild the world of life as a full-time glass artist really is. Steven Tillman (Jellyfish Glass) has been blowing glass in northern Colorado for 9 years. He is a father of two beautiful children and an inspiration to be in business and in life. Steven and I have started Glassy Mermaid together and plan to add more and more to the inventory each week until the shop is fully stocked with the beautiful pendant and one of a kind glass jewelry that you will want to wear and share with the world. Each piece we create is a handcrafted and completely original work of borosilicate glass art.




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