Sailing in new directions & saying ALOHA to Kauai’s first annual Yoga & Peace Festival + a note of gratitude for LOTUS!

Feeling excited today as I write these words tucked into a cozy corner of “New Moon” coffee shop in Nederland, CO. Why? Because this is the first ever blog post I am writing since quitting my part-time job to become 100% self-employed! The most recent SUPER NEW MOON ECLIPSE that happened on July 12th was without a doubt on of the most powerful new moons of my life. Yes, you heard that right folks, I am now 100% independent and self-employed by “Manifestation Media” as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Event Production Specialist. The truth? This has been 7 years in the making and in this moment I am freeing SO FREE. YAY!

It is important to note that the journey to this moment of freedom was not easy. It has come with a lot of sacrifices, but I could not be more happy in this moment and I want to take a second to THANK EVERYONE who has supported my vision over the last few years as my freelancing has transformed from a “side hustle” into a full-time grind. While there are many elements to this new undertaking that remain unknown, what I do know is that I AM GOING TO KAUAI this year to celebrate my 26th birthday and visit some of the people who have helped empower my transformation over these last few months.

One of the major CATALYST for this journey was Lotus Sattva’s “Deep Listening” training that I was graciously given a scholarship to back in April. The work Lotus is doing with her project’s and Quantum Muse is some of the most profound work I have come across in terms of personal growth and development. I highly recommend working with Lotus if you feel you are in need of more wholeness, validation, and LOVE in your life. Lotus and I connected almost immediately on a soul-level and what I pulled from the depths and to the surface shortly after meeting her was the need for MORE JOY & TO OPEN MY HEART TO MORE LOVE in my life. More love for myself, more love for the work I do in the world, and more love for the immediate environments I spend the majority of my time in.

Working with Lotus quickly evolved from the experience of Student-Teacher, to Friendship, to Co-Creating Leaders of the 1st annual ALOHA Kaua’i YOGA & PEACE Festival. Our connection was a little challenging at first because working in all of these realms at once was confusing and we both felt the pressure of TIME. When we met Lotus had plans in motion to make the move to Kauai and make it her permanent home. Immediately knowing that we had a deep connection and could help each other in many ways, but also understanding that our time together was limited we began working together on ALOHA Festival in Colorado. Lotus had not configured all the details of her move to Kauai at the time we met, and she faced some obstacles in the process of selling her home before she could embark on her journey to Kauai. Watching her overcome those obstacles and manifest her new life on an Island thousands of miles away from Colorado was nothing short of miraculous and totally inspiring.

While our time connecting and working together in Colorado was short, given how profoundly transformational it was, I feel Lotus is someone I will continue to work with for years to come. I want everyone on earth to know how amazing she is and say a big THANK YOU to the universe for the divine wisdom she holds and shares!!! She is honestly like the older sister I never had and it is SO WONDERFUL that I will have the opportunity to follow her to Kauai this September to help produce and attend the 1st ever ALOHA Festival. My wish is to continue the work of soul transformation with the “Deep Listening” Butterfly Magic she ignited in my heart the day we met back in April while I am in Kauai this September.

Not so strangely, the deep inner desire for more love and joy has helped facilitate the current “sailing in a new direction” theme for my life that has most recently included the ending of a live-in love relationship I had been in for almost 2 years, the resignation from a part-time job I had been at for 3 years, and the letting go of a number of other unhealthy life situations I hold nobody responsible for but myself. In this moment I do not feel even one ounce of fear, hate, anger, or any negative emotions of any kind. I have already FORGIVEN MYSELF and FORGIVEN OTHERS for everything. I sit today in a brand new space of true peace and inner knowing. Knowing that THIS IS MY CALLING & TIME TO EXPERIENCE KAUAI and all the medicine it has in store for me. Spirit has guided me in the understanding that everything will not only “OK” but it will be perfect, healing, and a divine unfolding of Manifestation Media Magic and LOVE.

Creating the website for ALOHA with Lotus is one of the projects I have been most recently inspired by and I am so proud to share this story and the links below today with my followers. The creation of social media graphic designs for this event has been some of the most FUN and PASSION FILLED work I have done in years. The entire team I get to work with for this event is one of the most supportive and loving groups of women in my life right now and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. FEELING FULL AND ABUNDANT WITH GRATITUDE!

Aloha, Mahalo, & Namaste to each of you today and always!

Connect with ALOHA social media accounts and click the links below to see my work and check out more info about this amazing non-profit beach-side community event in Kauai September 27, 28, & 29!

Website design & Social Media designs in slideshow below by Manifestation Media!




You can get in touch with the magical Lotus Sattva mentioned in this story via her facebook page! 

Make sure to check out Lotus’s upcoming Resonant Witness Retreat in power spots across Kauai happening Oct 6th-8th. Sure to be a truly transformational event!

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Today I bring you some of my personal photos of a special solo artist project I’ve been keeping up with the last month or so!  Beard-o-Bees is the dj solo project of Jesse Miller, the bass and sampler player in the band Lotus.

I had the opportunity to catch him open for The Malah at the Bluebird last weekend and boy was I glad I went! His solo project incorporates an entirely different style of sound and musical performance unlike many other jam-band style musician’s solo project’s I have seen prior. Original and eloquent in his dj sound, described simply I would call it a much more techo-hop electronica style of performance but not to be myxed up with what you might find under the roof of a divy nightclub. The sound of Beard-O-Bees is just as original as watching the entire Lotus band on stage and yet it is a performance by just one of the members! If that doesn’t show the true musical talent that seems to be second nature to this guy then I’m not sure what does!   Not only did my first experience with this solo project warrant such an EPIC shout out, in addition, Lotus also has an upcoming show at Red Rocks in a few weeks that I wanted to announce and promote! ENJOY!




EOTO (feat Travis and Jason of the String Cheese Incident)
EMANCIPATOR (1320 Records)

Saturday, September 8 @ Red Rocks

Show starts @ 7:30 PM
Gates @ 6:00 PM





The Artwork of Chance Roberts

Check out my new Psychedelic Live Painter friend Chance Robert’s Art & Fan Page—->Chance Roberts

The top photo is an unfinished sacred geometry piece sneak peak! This piece was worked on live during the Texas Lotus/Nadis Warriors shows this past weekend & can be bid on to help raise funds for Chance’s journey to envision festival in COSTA RICA next weekend!