EVENT SPOTLIGHT & TICKET GIVEAWAY: Purple Couch All Stars ft. Gladkill, PRSN, Cualli, & more 11/30 at The Black Box in Denver!

The only thing constant in life is CHANGE. Sometimes change comes easily and sometimes it comes in a series of somewhat challenging transformations that are presented in our lives in order to help us GROW. We are faced with choices every day that ask us to take risks that sometimes have unpredictable outcomes. My mom told me when I was young, “If you get invited to a party and have no reason not to go then GO. Because you never know who you might meet or what that might lead too”.

I was invited to some of Jason Burruss’s private gatherings at his old home in Evergreen, CO and although I did not know Jason well before, I am really thankful that I had the courage to attend these parties anyway. I was nervous about going to a party where I didn’t know the main host at first (I was invited by a mutual friend), but I did end up knowing some of the people at these events and the people I didn’t know and ended up meeting there, Jason Burrus included, without a doubt CHANGED MY LIFE. Brought together by FATE & PURPLE CRYSTAL MAGIC, the relationships I developed and the influence of the people I met at the very first “Purple Couch” parties helped me recognize the CHANGES I needed to make in myself to live my DREAMS and jumpstart my career. For this, I would like to say today that I am humbled and SO GRATEFUL

It has been beautiful to watch both The Black Box and the Purple Couch crew evolve and blossom into what they are now. The level of professionalism and light & sound production value these crews bring to everything they do is really special and something to experience for yourself. I invite you to come join me in experiencing the next chapter of Purple Couch Denver events. A dual room Purple Couch curated bass music event at  The Black Box coming up Nov 30th. Details & a chance to win FREE TICKETS to the show below!



~ Main Stage ~

Purple Couch All Stars (Denver and Humboldt)
Premiere live performance featuring
Dillard (Fx & Keys) (https://soundcloud.com/dillard) 
Av8trix (Live Mix) (https://soundcloud.com/lokiav8trix)
Cualli (Guitar) (https://soundcloud.com/cualli)
Precious Hill (Vocals) (https://soundcloud.com/precious-hill-1)
Erothyme (Keys & Vocals) (https://soundcloud.com/erothyme)
Jason Burruss (Percussion & Mashups) (https://soundcloud.com/jason-burruss)

Gladkill (Oakland)

PRSN (Portland)


Droplitz Art & Music (Denver)

~ Lounge Stage ~

Antandra (Denver)

Cualli (Denver)

Erothyme (Denver)

Stay tuned to our announcements of the next Purple Couch x Black Box shows:

Set Times:

Get Connected!


Denver’s home for the underground ( www.blackboxdenver.co )

Sponsored by Grassroots Colorado & Manifestation Media

21994126_1352553478204033_7828588715007638787_o (1)
Cover Image in Collaboration with beeple 

ARTIST & EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Android Jones x BVH Annual Sale + WIN TIX TO THE AFTER PARTY at the Fox Theatre w/ Desert Dwellers, Supersillyus & Moon Frog this Saturday 11/11/17!

It’s that time of the year again! Join BVH & the legendary droid crew at the Boulder Vapor House on the Hill for our annual sale THIS LUCKY SATURDAY 11/11 from 4-9:30pm. There will be Android Jones merchandise to choose from including discounted fine art prints, posters, holograms, hats, tapestries, and more. Live music in the shop via Billy Love and  Desert Dwellers will be playing at the Fox afterward. Come get your holiday shopping done early and hang out!

The droids will be offering:
– Discounted gently loved fine art prints (canvas and paper)
– 25% off everything else

(PS: Negotiations and special deals are also on the table.)

This is a free event, no ticket needed. Just show up and everyone is welcome to enjoy and hang out.


“Coleman” (previously titled “Visions of Nova”) new art release by Android Jones

JOIN US AFTER THE SALE FOR AFTER PARTY AT THE FOX THEATRE: KGNU Community RadioRooster Magazine & Party Guru Productions Present:
Desert Dwellers with SupersillyusMoon Frog at Fox Theatredesert dwellers_1920 (1)




EVENT DETAILS: Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late ’90s after connecting through the legendary Moontribe scene, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo, psy-bass, and tribal trance acts in the United States. Desert Dwellers have toured extensively across six continents, spent a 7-week stretch on the road with renowned psychedelic artist Shpongle, and have performed at dozens of festivals, most notably Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Coachella, Rainbow Serpent, and Boom. Taking a new approach to digital production, Amani and Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body. Bringing the electronic music vibe to the yoga scene, and the sounds of yoga to the electronic dance scene, Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between the worlds of dance and movement. (pulled from event page linked above)

Desert Dwellers



Moon Frog

Doors – 8:30 PM
Show – 9:00 PM
All Ages



ARTIST OF THE WEEK *HOLIDAY EDITION*: Lexis Krieg + The Sol Shine yoga studio and gallery in DENVER, CO!

I had the pleasure of meeting this week’s #ARTISTofTHEWEEK in person at an amazing local Denver yoga studio and boutique – The Sol Shine! The oh so colorful Lexis Krieg and I enjoyed meeting as if by magic at The Sol Shine holiday party on Dec 10th. It was a delightful evening of music, fashion, and local art. After meeting the creative force and boss lady of The Sol Shine – Dannie Huggs, a few weeks before at the ARISE holiday soirée, I was inspired to make it a top priority to check The Sol Shine studio!

Stepping into the store I was immediately overcome by the wonderful smell of incense, a sensory bliss mix between herbal bath products, palo santo, nag champa, and LOVE. The size of the space and variety of products from around the world in the gallery really impressed me. I allowed my intuitive shopper skills to guide me to what really felt like it was mine. I ended up with a beautiful Lovestitch scarf that reads, “BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER” and a greet mala bracelet with opalite made by hand locally.

Meeting this week’s artist in person was awesome. I selected her for the feature because I immediately loved her colorful Colorado style. Her work is so affordable she makes it possible to buy her originals. You can see her collection in person now at The Sol Shine or check her out online via the links below.

Wishing each of a fabulous holiday season! I encourage you to support the growing local Colorado artist community by giving the gift of amazing art this season. 

Cheers & Happy Holidays !-Brielle Bataille – ❤

Shop Alexis Kreig Art >>> www.lexisworksart.com >>>

FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA >>> Facebook >>> Instagram >>> Pinterest >>> Twitter >>>

Shop The Sol Shine >>> thesolshine.com

FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA >>> Facebook >>> Instagram >>> Twitter 

Below: Lexis Kreig at The Sol Shine 12/9/16 posing next to her recent works


Below: THRIVE 20×20 Mixed Media – $175


Below: Dannie Huggs OWNER/BOSS LADY of The Sol Shine in Denver, CO!


BELOW: UNDER THE NIGHT SKY 12×24 Mixed Media – $150




BELOW: Overhead shot of inside of main gallery room at The Sol Shine


Below:Lexis Kreig at The Sol Shine 12/9/16 posing next to her recent works


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Check out these sick pic’s I snapped at the String Cheese Incident NYE celebration at the 1st Bank Center In Broomfield, Co! This year I was lucky enough to snag a ticket before the prices became outrageous and the show completely sold out! STI is a band that’s been around forever and I had always wanted to see live! So happy that my first task of 2013 crossed a DOPE JAM BAND off my bucket list! So very proud of the way many of these came out, but also, very open to the criticism of photographers with a far different style than myself. My definition of art photography doesn’t limit a good photograph to being as crisp and clear as though you were in the photo. I believe that many of the famous art pieces in the world started out as  distorted and twisted “screw ups”. This is important to keep in mind when viewing my photos as many of them I have chosen to blend contrast,color, and light as much as possible, opposed to trying to attain perfect clarity. PLUS…DO NOT ask me how HARD it is to party , dance, drink, and spin, while you’re attempting to take a good picture!!! JOKES!!!

Happy New Year from Thispicisisick.com ❤


NEWYEAR2013 048 DSCN2327 DSCN2328 DSCN2331 DSCN2332 DSCN2333 DSCN2334 DSCN2335 DSCN2336 DSCN2337 DSCN2338 DSCN2339 DSCN2340 DSCN2341 DSCN2342 DSCN2343 DSCN2344 DSCN2345 DSCN2346 DSCN2347 DSCN2349 DSCN2350 DSCN2351 DSCN2353 DSCN2354 DSCN2355 DSCN2356 DSCN2357 DSCN2358 DSCN2359 DSCN2360 DSCN2361 DSCN2362 DSCN2366 DSCN2367 DSCN2368 DSCN2370 DSCN2373 DSCN2374 DSCN2377 DSCN2378 DSCN2381 DSCN2382 DSCN2390 DSCN2391 DSCN2392 DSCN2393 DSCN2394 DSCN2395 DSCN2396 DSCN2397 DSCN2398 DSCN2399 DSCN2400 DSCN2401 DSCN2402 DSCN2403 DSCN2404 DSCN2405 DSCN2406 DSCN2407 DSCN2408 DSCN2409 DSCN2410 DSCN2411 DSCN2412 DSCN2413 DSCN2414 DSCN2415 DSCN2416 DSCN2418 NEWYEAR2013 008 NEWYEAR2013 009 NEWYEAR2013 010 NEWYEAR2013 017 NEWYEAR2013 018 NEWYEAR2013 019 NEWYEAR2013 036 NEWYEAR2013 038 NEWYEAR2013 040 NEWYEAR2013 044 NEWYEAR2013 046





This year I had the pleasure of discovering one of my favorite photography facebook pages EVER! The Milky Way Scientist Page updates followers with the sickest Astro/Aurora photos around! This is just the small collection I accumulated over 2012! Big Ups to all the photographers responsible for these photographs and PLEASE let me know if one of these is YOUR picture so I can attempt to give proper credit in this post. For now…ENJOY!

CHECK OUT—> MILKY WAY SCIENTIST 553348_404658182950213_794346290_n


POTW: Grassroots Cali Holiday Party Photos





POTW: 12.27.2012


School has been kicking my a$$ the last few months as well as a number of other things in my everyday life, this has made it hard to blog on thispicissick as much as I would like. LUCKILY my camera is fixed and after a rejuvenating trip back home to Austin for the Christmas Holiday I am excited to announce that THISPICISSICK is BACK and my adventures in bucket list music photography are back on the rails! Thanks to the homies at Grassroots Cali for hooking up an excellent FREE holiday party event where heady dready’s from all over came together for jungle juice, sexy pizza, lazers, & the FUTURE of Bass music , as well as,  wonderful discounts on merch from some of Colorado’s best local companies! This party made many proud as Casselmen’s was pretty packed  for a Monday night. Happy Holidays to all and enjoy my preview of the new photo style for 2013! My photography style continues to evolve and change as much as the world around us, with a little patience, luck, and a whole lotta love the new year will NOT BE ONE TO FORGET! Starting with my plans to take pictures at many events in the coming week and String Cheese Incident on NYE.   Many new and exiting things happening all around us and so many blessings to be thankful for! Cheers to you and yours this NYE and all year long,&&& remember… What you ENVISION you MANIFEST!


~Brielle Bataille

DSCN2236 DSCN2237 DSCN2238 DSCN2239 DSCN2240 DSCN2241 DSCN2242 DSCN2243 DSCN2244 DSCN2245 DSCN2246 DSCN2247 DSCN2248 DSCN2249 DSCN2250 DSCN2251 DSCN2252 DSCN2253 DSCN2254 DSCN2255 DSCN2256 DSCN2257

POTW-The Malah @ The Unified Field: SONIC BLOOM pre-party

P H O T O(s) OF THE W E E K–>

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go to the the pre-party for the much anticipated Sonic Bloom Festival held this summer in Georgetown, Colorado! The Malah a local groove-funk trio headlined the other side @ Cervantes Saturday night throwing down an absolutely face melting set. Although they had a competing set time with artist such as Octopus Nebula and Bluetech who headlined the ballroom’s main stage Saturday, these guys still seemed to have the high energy Jam-Electronica set style needed to draw groves of fans of all ages who might have otherwise been dragging their feet by the final sounds late Saturday night. All around these guys are definitely a group to start “following”! Chances are they won’t be playing such a small stage forever…enjoy! 😉

The Malah—>







Triangle Tuesdayz

check out the homie Ziaspin’s +FREE TUNE on soundcloud–>



this kid opened for CASPA at Cervantes lastweek and killed it! Enjoy!