Check out these sick pic’s I snapped at the String Cheese Incident NYE celebration at the 1st Bank Center In Broomfield, Co! This year I was lucky enough to snag a ticket before the prices became outrageous and the show completely sold out! STI is a band that’s been around forever and I had always wanted to see live! So happy that my first task of 2013 crossed a DOPE JAM BAND off my bucket list! So very proud of the way many of these came out, but also, very open to the criticism of photographers with a far different style than myself. My definition of art photography doesn’t limit a good photograph to being as crisp and clear as though you were in the photo. I believe that many of the famous art pieces in the world started out as  distorted and twisted “screw ups”. This is important to keep in mind when viewing my photos as many of them I have chosen to blend contrast,color, and light as much as possible, opposed to trying to attain perfect clarity. PLUS…DO NOT ask me how HARD it is to party , dance, drink, and spin, while you’re attempting to take a good picture!!! JOKES!!!

Happy New Year from Thispicisisick.com ❤


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POTW: ThirstyTrap.com x Caspa/Flosstradamus/Nadastrom @ The Fillmore Denver


POTW 10.30.2012

This weeks photos come from last Thursday’s EPIC throwdown at the Fillmore in Denver! Loved the ENERGY of this crowd and the LOVE I felt ❤ comments are cool!


POTW- Citizen Cope @ The Fillmore

PHOTO(s) OF THE WEEK 10.9.2012

This weeks photos come from last Friday’s Citizen Cope show at the Fillmore! The incredible 2 set  private evening with the Memphis, TN  native Clarence  Greenwood consisted of a really good mix of his new and old music. This guy proved yet again his ability to groove with the crowd and touch the hearts and souls of his audience with his politically explicit lyrical genius. ONCE a Citizen Cope fan…ALWAYS a Citizen Cope fan ❤



POTW-September in Vail Valley

PHOTO(s) OF THE WEEK 9.26.2012

“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

-Robert Frost

Photos from my trip to Vail last weekend!

Such a beautiful place in the fall ❤



POTW- Summertime in Vail, CO

PHOTO(s) OF THE WEEK 8.28.2012

Check out some sick pics from last weekend’s trip up to the mountains! Had the wonderful chance to stay the night and spent my Saturday taking photos and hanging out at the lovely Cordillera Lodge & Spa as well as made a trip to Glenwood Hotsprings and the Vail Cascade resort for Dinner!

Cordillera Lodge Website

Vail Cascade Resort 

Glenwood Hotsprings

POTW-Slightly Stoopid/311/ Soja @ Red Rocks

Check out some sick pics from last weekends 311/Slightly Stoopid/ Soja show at red rocks! Really excited to be getting my other camera fixed soon! About to Say sayonara to crappy iphone photos soon! Enjoy!

POTW 1.19.2012


Wow it seems like it’s been forever since I posted a photo of the week! It has been a crazy last few months! This weeks photo comes from last Saturday’s Galactic show at the Ogden Theater in Denver.  GALACTIC FUNK is THE FUNK TO FUNK WITH! Such a wonderful St. Paddy’s day weekend!   Enjoy –>

Check them out here–>http://www.galacticfunk.com/