Epic Vibes Summer Tour!

  As I look back over the last year of my life I can't help but to feel a deep sense of awe and pride over how much I have grown. SO MUCH in my life has transformed. As I reflect on my 8 year journey in Colorado,  my decision to move to California, and … Continue reading Epic Vibes Summer Tour!


Happy Wednesday! I hope you have been keepin’ it ELEGANT. Super excited to announce this weeks ARTISTS OF THE WEEK! I was intrigued the moment I saw the stunning LuLu Swallow artwork for French producer CloZee’s new EP. What sounds could possibly flow to this stellar graphic?

Glassy Mermaid: Story behind the glass

Glassy Mermaid  is an etsy shop I started to support and sell my own glass art and the work of Steven Tillman aka Jellyfish or Jfish glass. Jellyfish and I met at Sonic Bloom music festival in Georgetown, Colorado in June 2013. Jellyfish attended the festival this year as a member of The Colorado Project, a … Continue reading Glassy Mermaid: Story behind the glass