Vibrational Sound Therapy with Safire Soundz

Aloha Family 💗 I am excited to share a new project I’m working on with you ⏯ Safire Soundz! #SafireSoundz is a name that came to me over the course of my journey over the last year as a #VibrationalSoundTherapist! I am so excited to finally be sharing this vision with all of the amazing people that have helped inspire and … Continue reading Vibrational Sound Therapy with Safire Soundz

Epic Vibes Summer Tour!

  As I look back over the last year of my life I can't help but to feel a deep sense of awe and pride over how much I have grown. SO MUCH in my life has transformed. As I reflect on my 8 year journey in Colorado,  my decision to move to California, and … Continue reading Epic Vibes Summer Tour!