Manifestation Media’s SHOW OF THE WEEK: Tonight! The Orcastrator w/ Guests at The Bluebird Theater in Denver + Throwback Personal Story & Underground Video Feature


Manifestation Media‘s #SHOWoftheweek is TONIGHT with The Orcastrator & friends!!! Tickets are available online at and at the door.

Here is my Thursday Throwback to last January for #xtractgames in #Aspen! I dug this one up from the iphone archive and shared on Instagram today because these two, The Orcastrator & Alex Bowman,  have a BIG SHOW tonight at The Bluebird Theater!

They have been doing absolutely amazing things since I took this video and I am excited to watch them continue to grow in competitive yet nurturing Colorado music scene.



Here is a little story for you: I took a HUGE RISK in my business and got involved with a few people I hardly knew to “orchestrate” a private house party for the Cannabis Connoisseurs Collation a group of Colorado weed and hash experts that throw private events all over the state. I was mostly interested in their event because I had purchased a ticket to #Bassnectar at the #XgamesAspen the same weekend.

I had the money when the tickets went on sale & because I am a music lover and I had never been to Aspen I decided this might be a good time to check it out. I purchased a ticket the day they went on sale and decided I would figure out the travel details later. I had no idea how hard it would be to get a great place to stay in Aspen during this big local event.

THE LESSON: Producing this event taught me so much, but the key to my survival & ultimate success was to go with the FLOW! 🐳😎🍍 

Things did not go anything close to as planned from the get-go which made it hard for me to relax,  but the good vibes from the people around me and positive feedback I received from most lead me to feel like it was a success. I got to meet some amazing people in the community and score this OG underground (literally we are in a basement) footage of some of Colorado’s most uprising talent . AND, as DEVINE timing had it the money I made working and producing this event helped me finally get my passport & purchase a ticket to #costarica🇨🇷 the sacred place of my ancestors.

ROOT DOWN in the KNOWING that all is FLOWING to you. Hope to see you at the show tonight!  🐳🐳




Happy Thursday! -Brielle Bataille


Monday Mixes of the Month (9.3.2012)

Happy Labor day all! While your busy slaving away over your beer and bbq pit this evening how about some SICK new mixes to groove to?

Kick back and ENJOY!