VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Outersect “Kinnari” Music Video

Feeling the need for a little magical Monday musical motivation? Today I am excited to present a beautiful work of art just released on 4/20 by one of my amazing clients Rob Rayle aka Outersect Music. This music video is many dollars and many months in the making not to mention highly anticipated by the many people involved in its production. BIG LOVE to the entire cast and best wishes to each of the amazing artist involved in the telling of this exotic story of INNER FLAME and EXOTIC ETERNAL FLOW. 

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Taking a Stand: Protecting Water and Native American Sacred and Cultural Resources at Standing Rock

Isn’t it beautiful that you don’t have to subject yourself to being brainwashed by TV commercials and modern media bs to stay up to speed with modern day news. #StandWithStandingRock #VideoOfTheWeek

Yesterday The House Committee on Natural Resources-Democrats is held a forum titled Taking a Stand: Protecting Water and Native American Sacred and Cultural Sites at Standing Rock. The forum examined the Federal trust responsibility to tribes, tribal sovereignty, and treaty obligations; the moral and legal obligations to protect sacred sites and Native American cultural resources; and access to safe drinking water on Standing Rock tribal land and environmental justice.


VIDEO OF THE WEEK IS BACK! This week I am stoked to share a super special HD BOULDER, COLORADO Drone film I randomly found shared on a friends Facebook wall. This is what the cinematographer Kjell Redal had to say on his initial posting of the video:

“Boulder: a Rocky Mountain college town known for its expansive views, hyper-active residents, socks in Chacos, and bikes more expensive than the cars they’re carried on…ever wonder what it looks like from above? I had a week near the end of my summer to showcase my hometown from a fresh perspective using my Phantom drone. Feel free to share!” 

View more art by Kjell Redal here: