Happy First Friday in May to all my magical mermaids and manifestors near and far! I am very excited to share with you this week's #ARTISTofTHEWEEK - DEREK CARPENTER aka ART OF ONE! Derek and I met years ago when we were both just starting our careers in the Colorado festival/art scene. I … Continue reading ARTIST OF THE WEEK: DEREK CARPENTER aka ART OF ONE


This week in a goddess card reading I selected the Pachamama card so finding this wonderful new work titled "Pachamama Cycles" by Brazilian Visionary artist Hyper Norai felt serendipitous. Hyper has a wonderful array different types of art including canvas, street art, music, and tattoos all that I found to be really unique and beautiful. … Continue reading ARTIST OF THE WEEK: HYPER NYORAI

Valentine’s Day Weekend in the Land of LOVE!

Looking forward to an exciting weekend in Colorado full of FIRE, ICE, LOVE & CHOCOLATE! There are several awesome events happening locally if you live nearby and would like to celebrate your LOVE for LIFE with others! The weekend kicks off with TWO AMAZING TWO DAY FREE EVENTS IN in Colorado's sweetheart city! Friday Feb … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Weekend in the Land of LOVE!

Meant Clothing

  Looking for some sick new threads? check out the latest and greatest from Meant Clothing! These Colorado locals  continue to amazing me through the exquisite production of  quality custom designs as well as having done some EPIC collaborations with artist such as Kurt Redeker Artist/Owner of Knew Conscious gallery in Denver. Knew Conscious has since its open built its reputation for having extraordinary opening … Continue reading Meant Clothing

Qahira Lynn Dream Painter

  Today I am incredibly excited to be posting about one of my favorite new visionary artists! "Qahira Lynn was born in Portland, Oregon, and never learned how to color inside the lines literally or metaphorically. She attended art school, studied painting in college, and art therapy in graduate school, but  feels that she has spent her time since then attempting to … Continue reading Qahira Lynn Dream Painter