Dave Goetz Rated Brielle 5 Stars

I met Brielle in 2015 just prior to the Arise Festival where she was involved in promotions. I saw how her energy, intelligence and spark helped make that year’s festival a huge success. Therefore, I was very pleased when she agreed to come work for Bodywork Bistro to become our digital marketing manager. She did a fantastic job and since then my deep respect for her energy, intelligence and enthusiasm for her career has only increased. I’m proud and humbled to call her my friend. 

Steven Schwartz reviewed Manifestation Media — 5 star

It has been an incredible year and half since I met Brielle and began working with her. She has been an integral part of launching my company, Bioharmonic Technologies. She built a fully functioning Shopify Store that has created a platform to generate a significant amount of income. She has also completely launched both my instagram and facebook community to new levels. More importantly than any of her technical skills, she believed in me and my company. She has been my biggest fan and with that kind of concentrated energy, we have been able to launch a global vibrational movement. Thank you Brielle Bataille for all of your hard work, passion and good vibes. If you are looking to take your company to the next level, a smart and good investment would be with Manifestation Media and Ms. Brielle Bataille.

Charles Braddy reviewed Manifestation Media — 5 star

Brielle took a look at my rough ideas & goals, found out what needed to happen, and got the job done.

Before meeting with her I was relying on one social network. Now I have multiple platforms, and a much larger reach.

I am confident her work will greatly improve my vision, and in general my business.

I look forward to working with her again.

Charles Braddy

Fay Bellavolent Amanda reviewed Manifestation Media — 5 star

Brielle is such a bright person who can really put almost any skill she has that you need to learn in a really easy way to understand. She is a Boss Babe, know’s whats up and can really be a huge asset to anyone who wants to work with her or even learn from her. I wish I was still in Denver working with her weekly having her run my SM management. If you can, hire her or mentor with her. Because it will improve your life greatly.